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69C-owner, My interview

Truck Info
Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Year: 1969
Suspension type: stock, coils in the rear
Front Brakes: stock drums
Modifications: none yet
Rear Brakes: drums
Steering: stock, power steering
Front differential type / Gears: N/A
Rear differential type / Gears: not sure but I think its a 3.73 nonposi

Color Scheme: currently a poor flat black but I have plans for a very dark blue, almost a midnight blue but darker and an RS stripe that turns into SS stripes and runs up the hood over the roof and down the tailgate
Bodyman: me, maybe some friends, body work is expensive, why pay someone when you can do it free
Modifications: add bedside toolboxes where none existed, cowl hood, and a dropmember
Paint Type: waterborn
Painter: me and friends

Color: black
Material: stock
Upholsterer: me
Wiring: stock with a few mods
Modifications: hid lights, driverside spotlight with hid bulb
Steering wheel/Column: tilt column with woodgrain wheel
Stereo/Speakers/Amps: 1 square kicker 10 under both seats, 1 speaker in each kick panel, a speaker headliner from LMC and a 6X9 in the dash and a 2000 watt amp
Air Conditioning: replace nonAC dash with a AC dash and put in stock AC parts
Instrument Gauges: woodgrain cluster, speedometer that registers 160, factory gas gauge, clock in the center, volt gauge lower left, engine temp lower right, 3 gauge pod dashpad with tach, oil pressure gauge in the middle and trans fluid temp on the right

Cubic Inch: 400? maybe a 350, still runnin the numbers
Manufacturer: Pontiac
Camshaft: stock
Cylinder heads: 6X
Valve Covers: stock
Intake Manifold: stock
Ignition System: HEI
Exhaust type: stock manifolds
Carburetor or Fuel Injection: 2 barrel rochester

Automatic / Standard: auto turbo 350
Torque Converter: stock converter
Modifications: none yet but plan to put a 6 speed out of a late 90's camaro in
Shifter type: long chrome shifter with a woodgrain pistolgrip
Drive Shaft: aftermarket but still twopiece with a carrier bearing

What is your name?Jon Harris

Please share a few things about yourself. (Bio, family, background, hobbies, your favorite pizza topping, your favorite vacation spot, etc)
How long have you owned your truck? goin on 4 years now.
What made you decide to buy this truck? It was an impulse then I fell in love with it because it reminds me of my dad.
How do you store your truck, at home, garage, outside etc? In my back yard, I wish I had a garage.
What do you enjoy about your truck the most? Its a longbed and fleetside
Who or what was your biggest influence in building your truck? My dad
What has been the biggest obstacle you have faced in working on your project? So far its been money
How did you/do you handle it? Going to school, putting in apps, odd jobs and school is helping me find a job after i finish my ASE testing
What/who is you favorite/best part source? LMC and I'm finding lots of vendors here
What are some things have helped your project to be a success?staying up very late thinking of what i want to do with it and surfing ebay and CL google images and here.
What is the history behind your truck? deffinatly a norther truck for some time, bought it down south of Atlanta GA and shes been sittin for about 4 years
What do you use your truck for? (hauling, cruising, daily driver,shows, drag racing, work truck, mudding etc): all of the above with the exception of mudding in a few weeks when I get a good battery and wire up the alternator
What is your favorite memory with your truck? followin my dad home from atlanta seein it goin around ppl, changin lanes
Whats your favorite modification done to truck and why? someone putting the Pontiac in it because my dad had some wild firebirds.
If you had one thing to do over on your build, what would it be and why? put a earlier pontiace in it becuase it has a late model internally regulated alternator on it that wont charge the battery
What are your future plans for your truck? low, powerful, fast, air bag powered dumpbed, 6speed, gear vendors overdrive, daily driver nice enough to go to shows and win and be built bumper to bumper and oil pan to hood all by me
What words of advice do you have to people who are just starting out with their project? Its all you, think think and think some more, go to shows, look up images thru search engines, look at all types of different vendors, go thru threads to find ideas, ask questions and never ever not once ever let anyone tell you not to do somethin you think is cool like a body mod or interior.
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