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Michael McMurphy Interview

Truck Info
Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Year: 1966 Short Bed Step Side
Suspension type: Half Ton, 2 Wheel Drive
Front Brakes: Originally Drum
Modifications: 6 Lug Disc with Hydro Boost
Rear Brakes: Original Drum still
Steering: Added Power Steering
Front differential type / Gears: NA
Rear differential type / Gears: Posi 4:11
Tire and Wheel Size: I will have to look, but the tire sizes are going to change

Color Scheme: Flat and Semi Gloss Black with Smoke Grey and Grey Metallic trim/pinstriping
Bodyman: Me
Modifications: I am going to be doing Hideaway Headlights in the front grille
Paint Type: Rustoleum Spray Can
Painter: Me

Color: Same scheme as exterior pretty much
Material: Undetermined at this time, probably leather and canvas
Upholsterer: Undetermined at this time
Wiring: 99% customized by me
Modifications: 3 piece 2" Under Dash Extension, with integrated dash-to-floor console
Steering wheel/Column: Stock
Stereo/Speakers/Amps: Complete Pioneer Set up. USB and Satellite ready Stereo, 820w Amp with Capacitor, one 1300w 12" Subwoofer, 5" mids mounted in under dash console, 6x9" mids mounted in doors, 1" spot tweeters mounted in custom dome light housing.
Air Conditioning: None yet, upgraded the heater system thru modifications
Instrument Gauges: AutoMeter Black Diamond Prestige Series with Tach

Cubic Inch: 1985 small block 350
Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Camshaft: stock
Cylinder heads: stock
Valve Covers: stock
Intake Manifold: Edlebrock Performer Series
Ignition System: stock HEI
Exhaust type: Not installed yet
Carburetor or Fuel Injection: Edlebrock 1401 Carb

Automatic / Standard: Muncie 20 four speed manual
Torque Converter: NA
Shifter type: Hurst Competition with C-shifter for 1955 Nomad
Drive Shaft: stock

What is your name? Michael Davin McMurphy, Staff Sergeant, US Army

Please share a few things about yourself. (Bio, family, background, hobbies, your favorite pizza topping, your favorite vacation spot, etc)
I grew up in the mountains outside Spokane Washington. School was a complete bore, and I figured the world was bigger than my neck of the woods and that I wanted to see it, so I joined the Army in April of 1982. The Army kept its end of the bargain and I got to go places most people only see on TV. In 1992 the Army and I disagreed on what path my career should take, so I got out, went home to Spokane, got married, made babies, bought a house and my first classic car.
Since then I have buried my 3 year old daughter, divorced the mother, and the car has been stolen, but I still have the house...
In the summer of 1999 after a 7 year leave of absence, I reenlisted back into the Army, and continued my quest of seeing the world. I also married a fantastic woman, I mean she gave me her phone number so I guess it was the least I could do.
I am now close to retirement, as much as I do not look forward to that...
We have started a homestead just outside of Spokane of 14 acres which we like to vacation on because it is just the most beautiful little slice of heaven you ever saw....

How long have you owned your truck?
One year, six months, three weeks

What made you decide to buy this truck?
I did not want to spend another Alaska winter playing World of Warcraft, and I had been missing our classic cars (my wife and I each have one now) so I decided it was time to fulfill my childhood wish of owning a truck just like the one we had when I was a kid.
I bought this particular truck because I wanted a project, the price was right, and I like underdog/survivor stories, even if it is one about 2 tons of steel.

How do you store your truck, at home, garage, outside etc?
Right now it is an unassembled project, so it resides strictly in the garage.

What do you enjoy about your truck the most?
The learning, the doing, and the sharing of it on this site.

Who or what was your biggest influence in building your truck?
Influence? Winter.
Inspiration, well, too many names from this site to list... Certainly

What has been the biggest obstacle you have faced in working on your project? How did you/do you handle it?
The biggest hang up has been the price of shipping and/or getting parts here in Fairbanks. It is not cheap, and the prices of things up here is criminal.
How I handle it is I go to junk yards in -20 degrees to search for stuff, and I make stuff from scratch rather than try to find it elsewheres.

What/who is you favorite/best part source? What are some things have helped your project to be a success?
This site is the best resouce. I have a stack of catalogs, but the exchange of information on the pages of this site fills all those questions.

What is the history behind your truck?
It was commissioned by the Air Force to be used by civilian contractors to service communication lines in the Fairbanks area. When it was retired, the fellow who had driven it the whole time it was in the Air Force bought it. He sold it to the fellow who blew the motor towing a boat back from Anchorage, who in turn sold it to the junk yard. From there it unofficially traded hands until it ended up as a trade for parts and services to the business whose back lot I found it in.

What do you use your truck for? (hauling, cruising, daily driver,shows, drag racing, work truck, mudding etc):
I am going to baby it, and show it.

What is your favorite memory with your truck?
I think that has yet to happen, the plan to take it on the ferry from Anchorage to Seattle this summer.

To take this question 180 degrees in the other direction:
I plan on burning all the photos and videos I have made to a disc, and taping that disc to the roof of the glove box before I reinstall it in the dash. Like a time capsule for some future owner to discover.
To me, that recorded memory may well prove to be more significant than any experice I have with this truck.

Whats your favorite modification done to truck and why?
So far, the dash extension I think, but there are so many. Again I think the best is yet to come in the form of the hideaway headlights.
Why? Because I like hideaways, and when I get it to work, it is going to have awesome wow factor to it.

If you had one thing to do over on your build, what would it be and why?
The front disc conversion.
Because I would have gotten the drop spindle kit, and probably pancaked my front crossmember while I was at it to add that stance to the truck.

What are your future plans for your truck?
Ummmmm ..... besides putting it back together?
Proably a total frame off in 10 years or so...

What words of advice do you have to people who are just starting out with their project?
Dont quit.
Share your build, to include the fails and not just the wins. There is a fantastic sense of accomplishment to be found in the praise of your peers.

Thank you for reading my interview, I am available for weeknight shows, as well as Holiday weekends ! Contact my agent for booking information !!
Michael McMurphy

My 66 Stepside
My 64 Tow Truck
My 66 Tempest

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Wink Re: Michael McMurphy Interview

good read.

Find answers for your 1960-1966 Chevrolet Truck Questions.

Matraca - my 1965 Chevrolet C10 lwb step side

I am unable to reply to send/reply Private Messages since October 2014, so I am not ignoring anyone. Please visit my linked pages above if you wish to ask me anything... I am no longer welcome on the forum, it is a simple fact, nothing more. shadowbanned!
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Re: Michael McMurphy Interview

Good read!
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