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Re: Another NV4500 to NP205

Originally Posted by Wide Open View Post
I see your transmission doesnít have the damper on the tail shaft. Is there any benefit to using one or can it be removed to save rotating mass without negative effect? Both of mine have the damper.
Yours is going behind your 406 correct?
Are you modifying the tailhousing adapter to accommodate the original shifter or going with twin sticks? It may have been mentioned earlier in the thread but Iím not seeing it using my phone. ����
Wide Open,
I have not looked at that issue. The spacer on my trans, in place of the damper, is the way I bought it. It was from a K3500 with a pile of miles on it, close to 300K. It was rebuilt at least once already as I can see some damage on the main shaft around the rear bearing (nothing I am too concerned about). This trans was well used and lived without the damper. Yes, it will go behind my 406. I have already fabbed up a twin stick set up using two original shifters. Pictures of it are in post #2. I decided to use the AA bell housing just to save some grief looking for parts. AA has it all laid out on their site. I have a clutch pedal that needs to be looked at and installed. I'll go with the hydraulic clutch set up AA recommends. I just need to save a little more to buy the AA BH. It took a while to put enough aside for the NV rebuild. I do my own work as a way to keep this on some kind of a budget build. (It hasn't worked!). There is a saying that goes "A sailboat is a hole in the ocean you pour money into" I say this truck is a "pothole in the road I pour money into" but I wouldn't have it any other way cuz, ya gotta live, right?
72 K20 Custom Camper, D60, 14BFF, full roller 406 TPI w custom built ECU and has tow hooks...
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