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The 77 in Baja version 2.0

After the last Baja trip posted here:

...we decided we needed a warm place to get out of the wind. So that explains the trailer following us around this trip that you'll see pics of.

We left home 2 days before Christmas and went through Death Valley enroute to Southern California.
Christmas eve far in the outback of Death Valley

Sending the cold of the night on its way.

Baja bound!

High on the list for several years has been figuring out a way to skee-daddle out of Utah when the cold arrives. The timing was perfect to go scope out this rad little outpost on the beach that came up for sale in Baja. Includes a 36x24 garage, larger than mine at home.

Cody, my son, was assigned as my helper on the reconnaissance. We did a quick trip south with the trailer then I took him back to the airport in LA.

Gas station pics are cool and the 77 was posing its face off so I couldn't resist.

I dig this camp north of San Felipe. Even the blazer gets a palapa.

I was impressed with this mammoth ocotillo! I thought it was just as big as the ocotillos near La Cuesta de la Ley.

The legendary Hussongs Cantina; oldest in Baja. I've wanted to come here for years and it didn't disappoint.

Back to LA to drop off poor Cody for his return to single digit temps in Montana. Picked up the trailer and my girl to take her back for her approval. Lisa and I stayed three days at we would affectionately name "Sandwash South", which I'll explain later. This is the view that won her approval, and mine too I suppose.

After a few days we hit the road for some alone time in the Baja outback and to consider our decision at hand.
Leaving Bufeo, wondering if we'd see it again.

We headed south on the so called highway 5 to hwy 1 then to near KM 252 for the backroad to Punta Cono. It looked like a good candidate to escape the world and think for a couple days, and it was.

Camp deep in the lovely Catavina desert.

The mysterious Boojum trees

Almost every sunset is a beach.

The one and only Baja Champion!

Fuel stop

Crossing the high ridge on a super awesome backcountry route with huge views!

Near Cono

This is our droid R2D2; he provides satellite internet so Lisa can stay in touch with the office.

La Lobera

Fish tacos and contemplating the next move

Punta Cabras

The stories these boats could probably tell

A baja champion lays at rest.

After Cabras we decided to head up the coast toward Punta San Jose. We named this place Driveline Pass in reference to the Mexican ingenuity that repurposed somebody's misfortune as a useful fencepost.

Then over a rugged mountain road through some beautiful ranching country near Rancho Viejo and down into Canon Santo Tomas to La Bocana.

Mountain ranch country near Ink

Couldn't really find anyplace to camp near La Bocana that was way off the beaten track so we went up Daniel's Pass out of La Bocana to near Punta Rif. Found a nice little ledge over looking the world. Daniel has his camp right in the middle of the road so we asked his permission to pass. Super nice guy!

Looking towards Punta Rif

Back to SoCal to make a deal on Sanwash South. Lisa approved so now it's ours.

This should open a new chapter of Baja adventure.
Thanks for reading amigos!
'80 SRW C35 - 355/400/4:11/2.5-3/DD
'77 Cheyenne K5 - Roller cam 355/NV4500/205/4:88's/35's/DD

rust repair on the '77
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Re: The 77 in Baja version 2.0

Excellent! Glad to see somebody else going out and having an adventure with a K5. Keep up the fun dude!
Rob Z.
1975 K5 350/465/205/D44/12b 4" lift on 35's- RIP
1991 K5 5.3L/700r4/241/D44/14b FWC Camper
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Re: The 77 in Baja version 2.0

Sweet pics Thanks for sharing!
California 65 GTO---Texas 64 burb 283 ---Oklahoma 67 CST SWB BBW wood bed 327 2004r---New Mexico 72 k10 350 350 auto---Georga 72 short step project
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Re: The 77 in Baja version 2.0

Way awesome adventure! Thanks for sharing and doing it all in a K5!

85 C10 Suburban 5.3 / 4L60E on air, three season DD, rockin the southern GA patina.....
01 Saturn SL1 stock DD.....
83 K5 Blazer awaiting a 4.8 swap.....
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Re: The 77 in Baja version 2.0

The mandarin and brown is fabulous.
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Re: The 77 in Baja version 2.0

Like the trip and story.
1961 C1 Corvette
69 Blazer K5
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