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Re: Paying for parts/projects

Find something that isn't illegal yet, sell the hell out of it until it becomes illegal. Repeat.
Its pretty much the formula to make a mint on the non-FDA approved supplements market.

Not my line of work, but I've seen people make a tooon doing it. Literally had people like personal trainers brand their own "blend" of common bulk herbs (ginseng, ginger, etc etc). Its what most nuetropics and alt-supplement companies do.
'66 Short Step / SD Tuned / Big Cam LQ4 / Backhalfed /Built 4l80e / #REBUILDEVERYTHING

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Re: Paying for parts/projects

Like most of the posts I buy and sell constantly to support my toys. As far as the engine swap, watch the impound auctions in your area.
For my swap I bought a roll-over/no-title van from the Denver Auction for $600. You know it was running when it rolled......
Pulled the Engine, Transmission, harness and computer sold the rest to the scraper to cover the tow.
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Re: Paying for parts/projects

I have been buying guns at a local auction house this past year. I resell them when I need the money for parts or whatever. I also check the free listings on CL and go to thrift stores and resell stuff I get on the cheap. Sometimes it takes a while to resell stuff so make sure you have storage space if you go that route. I just traded a Mega Arms AR10 for a 66 SWB BBW. I paid 1150 for the gun and had a couple hundred in extras. I'm into the truck for about 1400. Sure its a rusted hulk but it's worth more than what I have in it so I'm good with that.
66 shorty
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