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New Areas

As some of you have noticed, a few minor changes have been taking place around the community. As the result of numerous requests--the following improvements have been implemented. This is a large scale project that will take a few days to complete. Please have patience with us as we continue to improve upon the community for its members.

Addition of a projects and builds are for the pre 47 board.
Addition of the new events center.
  • events (non community hosted)
  • meet and greets (community driven events)
  • event coverage (all of your pictures and summaries of all events)

Lets go into a bit more detail on the events center.

Events Forum

As stated above, this area will be for all non community events. This is the place to post upcoming show announcements, cruise ins, swap meets etc. You can still discuss these shows in the regional area, this forum will be more like a calender to get the word out.

Meets and Greets

This area will be for all community driven events. This will be done a bit differently than most other areas of the site. If you are hosting a get together, meet and greet, weekend work day or any member type event, you will still post and discuss it in the regional area. However, you can submit the event to the staff using the Interviews, Articles and Event Submission Forum

From there a Administrator will post an informational thread in the meets and greets area. That post will include a direct link to your event post, where members can discuss the event.

As most of you know the regional area is viewable only to community members. This is another way to keep your personal information from being read by any guest on the internet. We want to keep all discussion on the member meets in that area.

This forum will help alleviate the questions of how to post and get the word out for local meets. You will still post your meet in the region it is being held in. You can also "announce" it by submitting it to meet and greet forum. Members from surrounding regions will have a one stop area to look at upcoming events.

All Threads in the events center forums will have a state prefix on them. Members will be able to search the events by state, just as you can in the parts forums now, via the drop down box at the bottom of the page.

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Event Coverage

This area will be used for ALL event coverage and summaries. This has been an area of confusion and frustration for the members for a long time. You are more than welcome to post your photos in the site gallery as well. All event coverage threads, from all forums will be moved to this area. We tried a number of ways in the past, and from the input and suggestions of the community have decided to move forward and implement these areas.

Thank you for all of your understanding and support as we grow, Administrative Staff
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Re: New Areas

The discussion post for this announcement is located at
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