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TBI distributor in a 71 Blazer

Hey guys, I can't seem to find the answer to this question online:
I'm installing a TBI system (AFI's legacy system) in my 71 Blazer. It's using a stock TBI distributor from say an 88 Blazer. By referencing diagrams online, I stabbed the distributor to mimic where it shows the electronic plug connector positions and where the #1 spark plug should originate from. My question is, the elec. connectors are almost pointing right at the firewall and probably won't be able to get them plugged in or adjust for the initial timing if I have to rotate any closer to the firewall for initial timing adjustment. Since there is no vacuum advance or internal stopper on this distributor, can I just rotate it to another plug and make that the number one plug? like number 7 that's listed on the picture I included? Then just re-stab all the other connectors on the cap to the correct firing order. I don't know how "dumb" these TBI distributors are, in relation to what it thinks the #1 plug is.

The distributor needed to be provided separately from the kit, so it's a new, bone stock Chevy TBI distributor from a 1988 350.

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Re: TBI distributor in a 71 Blazer

you can rotate it anywhere you like...then simply find TDC on #1 cylinder...look at where the rotor button is pointing and start #1 plug wire right there
also you can pull the distributor out and rotate it to where the connectors will be in the correct position...
it doesn't matter where the wires start as long as they are in time with the cylinders and have the correct firing order....
the only issue with moving the plug wires..... may be the length of the wires...making sure they reach the correct cylinder
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