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EZ positive-stop tool.

I've been needing a positive-stop tool, you know, to stop the #1 piston to find TDC. I thought about it for a while and came up with this. It took about 10 minutes to make, and it should work on every motor.

This is Uni-Strut. It is commonly used by plumbers and electricians at commercial construction sites. It comes in 10 or 20 foot sticks, but if you were to show up at a construction site and talk to any plumber or sparky, and maybe have a sack of donuts or something, they should hook you up. You only need a piece maybe 8" long. I used shallow strut, because it's all I had here at the time. Shallow strut is about 3/4 inch deep, but it comes in deep strut, too, and that's about 1 and a quarter inch deep. Either will work just the same. Notice the elongated holes in the strut, a 5/8" bolt will pass through easily:

I welded a 1/2" fine threaded nut to a flat washer, because it's easier to weld the nut to the washer and then weld the washer to the uni-strut:

Again, using what I had here. My head bolts are 1/2" , so I used these red-heads to take these pictures, I have since found some 1/2" X 4" carriage bolts. I use these because the threads go all the way up. At any rate, taking advantage of the elongated holes in the strut, bolt it to your block and there you go:

Simple yet effective.
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Re: EZ positive-stop tool.

Simple & effective Pritch!

PS--sent in for FAQ
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