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Re: Crusty Rusty Leaky Squeaky 67 Step

Originally Posted by Low Elco View Post
Hey Vic, Have you found a bed? I kinda remember Bob having some nice parts on hand.
Bob had four long beds last time I was there but I have no idea what he wants for them. A couple are fairly nice (not very rusty/dented) the other two would take a lot more work.

Originally Posted by Low Elco View Post
Are you wanting to do the blasting pre or post new floor, or while it's open? Just wondering, I'm bored.
Probably while it's open. I hate trying to TIG metal that still has rust pits in the area. Spits back on the tungsten. I plan to remove most/all of the floor and weld in 1X1 tubing to brace it, blast away all visible rust and then see what kind of a mess I have fitting the new floor.

Originally Posted by Low Elco View Post
Also, not to be a nosy prick or anything, since we're talkin' blasting, what are ya gonna do now? Epoxy primer sounds great in theory, but gets sketchy on a daily. What about that Hot Rod Flatz paint? It's UV stablilzed and comes in something other than black. Everyone does black. Hrrmmmmm. You'd think this was my damn truck! Tell me to go away if I'm a bother. I'm just stoked, I like slammed beat-around trucks.
Well, I'd been planning on using black epoxy as the base then covering it with clear flat urethane, but I'm open to suggestions. One of the things I'm picky about is door jambs. If I did a color, I know I'd end up taping and squirting the jambs. With black epoxy, the inner stuff that doesn't see much sunlight can live without the clear topcoat. Mostly an issue of laziness (plus a little bit $$$). Whatever I do, it will have a flat topcoat so I can do it here and not have to outsource. Plus, I'm waaaay over sanding and polishing paint.

Originally Posted by Low Elco View Post
Oh, I found a guy in Columbia that will polish a full set of wheels for $100 if they're stripped to bare aluminum. Flyin' Ryan says he does good work, he has Ryan's blower and custom bike exhaust now. You don't even have to pull the tires. I'm gonna have him do some on LBT if you wanna chuck yours in as well.
Mine don't look like they've ever had a coating, just raw aluminum. They're dirty as all get out, but would probably clean up with a little effort. Or, we could have Mark hit them with the media, then take 'em for the shine. Three tires are shot and one is brand new, so I'll have to pony up for the ones I need to match the good one. I'd planned on dismounting all four, blasting and powdercoating the wheels then mount/balance the tires, but that's way cheap for polishing. I'm in if you plan to do LBT.

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