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Benchseat Help

I am looking for a Benchseat from this era of trucks, for someone. What I need is the standard bench that had headrest. What year or model were these seats in? I did a search on junkyards for the years 88-98, and saw several different looking benchseats. We don't want the 60/40, but it does need to have headrest.

Thanks for any help given
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Re: Benchseat Help

1992 was the first year with headrests. 92 thru 94 are pretty much the same and will bolt in to any 89-44. In 95 the interior changed so seats are slightly different, but will go in with out much mods. I think the hole mounts are slightly different, but I believe if you have the older style tracks they bolt up to the newer seats the same.

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Re: Benchseat Help

Has anyone had any luck having their seat recovered? Either std bench or one with the armrest. StockInteriors sells one but not much info or pictures.
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