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My First C10 (72' fleetside) - 2,100mi drive home - Photos

My Dad has a black 72 big block. I fell in love with it years ago and have been looking for a C10 of my own since the start of 2013. I had my heart set on a 2 tone one, ideally red and white, but I wasn't able to track one down in the condition and price range I wanted. If finally found this one in Palm Springs, CA.

I just got back Sunday after driving 2,100mi back to Houston, TX. The plan was to avoid I10 which is boring and full of big rigs. My fellow Canadian and friend who lives in my Houston community with me shared the driving, and we saw a lot of the US including 3 boarder guard stations where they were all friendly and asked more questions about the truck then us.

Average fuel economy driving 65-75mph: 12.1mpg. Best tank was 13.5mpg. Worst was 10.1mpg.
Top speed: 97mph (gps) for a few seconds.

The truck:
1972 Super Cheyenne Fleetside
Motor: Stock 350 with edelbrock 600 4 barrel carb.
AC: Thank God, with a newer compressor.
Miles: 79,000miles now
Color: Dark olive green. Stock color.
Previous owners: 1. The owner passed and his daughter sold the truck to me through a classic car dealer in LA. There is zero documentation which I'm not thrilled with but I will be calling the daughter every 6 months to see if she's come across it.
Plans: Fix the horn (not working), put lots of miles on enjoying it. Maybe better headlights. A 5.3L vortec is a possabilty later, but I'm enjoying my first carb'ed vehicle for now. The 12mpg drive home is a distant memory already.
Note: This is my first non manual vehicle.
The planned route:

The actual route after wandering around:

Shuttle meeting us at the airport in California to head to the dealership

king it up

Driving at dawn

Happy mofo

Making miles

I've been *****ing about how ugly Houston is (damn it is), but west Texas is a lot nicer. This is Big Bend National Park.

We hugged the TX/Mexican boarder for hundreds of miles. Texas on or left, Mexico on our right, running into a ton of boarder guards/trucks/ATVs. This is looking back (Mexico on the left of this photo).

Somewhere in Arizona

One the way into Big Bend Park, TX

The Rio Grand river separating Mexico and the US.

Old ass diner. We had lunch there. I was told these buildings were sold as kits for a 'dinner in a box' promo. There were a ton of them across the US way back when, apparently.

Night driving

My co-pilot

Texas park guide showing us some road options within Big Bend Park

It rained a lot actually.

Retired aircraft carrier in Corpus Christi, TX. I've been on it before and it is freaking massive

Finally home on Sunday. 3lbs of dead bugs on the truck. Chevy Cruize is tucked in begin the truck.

Up early Monday morning to start cleaning. The result.

Paint is awesome


Good example of the color in full sun.
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