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cold start hesitation stumped

Hey guys im new to the forum here and im looking for some new ideas or advice on whats happening with my truck.

Ive got an 05 Silverado 5.3 1500 that has a hesitation when starting after sitting for 6 hours or more and it only happens if the temperature outside is below the 65 degree range. It mimics low fuel pressure symptoms when starting cold. The truck has 51 pounds turn key fuel pressure and 60 at idle. I cant find any vacuum leaks. The coils are all within .2 ohms the plug wires are good the plugs are clean ive cleaned the throttle body. the battery is good all the connections are tight the starter is turning normally the mass air flow is new all the o2 sensors are new. The truck doesn't have an egr or fuel pressure regulator. No check engine light truck runs fine after starting. needless to say im stumped and I would much appreciate any help or suggestions
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Re: cold start hesitation stumped

Intake manifold gaskets.
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