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Re: 56 frame/running gear advice

Looks like MII front suspension with power rack is the way to go for a daily driver. Speeway sells a affordable kit. Any suggestions for a kit or parts? Thanks
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Re: 56 frame/running gear advice

don't know your skills as far as welding etc, but there is also a bolt in kit.
you need to know a few things first
ride height desired
wheel size desired to fit over brakes
tire size desired and any offsets for tire sizes (affects rake angle)
brake size desired
polished or painted control arms
coil springs (may need engine style for weight designation)
manual or power steering
weld in or bolt in

there is also a diy kit available from welders series in Canada. USD is pretty good right now. they have a youtube showing the kit and how much welding is involved
should read the heidts "understanding independent front uspensions) first so you understand what to look for in a kit and why, also some dimensions that can affect bump steer etc. check how the upper control arms are installed at the inboard end-T bolts or chevy style shim packs for adjustment.
compare apples to apples. steel thickness, control arm tubing thickness, steering component quality etc
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Re: 56 frame/running gear advice

Originally Posted by Jafo20 View Post
Mostly highway driving.... I would want disc brakes in front at least and which power steering set up would be good for my stock front axle setup? Or is it a waist of money rebuilding the stock setup?
I kept a stock suspension and added a CPP 6 lug front disc brake kit. I also added a CPP 400 power steering box.

I've taken a few 400 mile round trips with it and so has my wife by herself. No complaints at all. Feels pretty stable at 70. I've had it up to 85 or so but I keep it 70 on the highway most of the time.

It is important to get a good front end alignment and find a guy who doesn't mind putting shims under the springs in order to tweak the caster setting. I found an alignment shop where the owner of the shop was an old truck guy himself.
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