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68 k20 2 piece firestone rims

Just wanted to share some images of the firestone two piece rim for 67-67 c/k20's. My truck, a k20 has only about 13k miles on it.

Two piece firestone rim had a outer solid rim. while the 69-72's also had a two piece rim but the outer ring was spit.

Any way. hard enough to come by because nobody does split rims and after so many scap metal drives there are not that many around. They are heavy. and with tires, tubes and flaps, very very heavy. I see some on this site Some, perhaps plenty enough but they always draw a crowd and the war stories are never ending. It seems everybody knew sombody who died or was injured in part due to these widow maker rims. What? no recall?

the 67-68's were not that unsafe. most problems stem from idiots bending up and distorting the outer ring. Do It right and you go home at the end of the day.

My rings are painted a semi glss silver. the rim is a semi gloss black and those very very rare hubcaps..... Searched high and low for over two years to find them. always either too expensive, NOS on ebay at 400 plus a set or too slow with the buy it now button.

I know hubcaps were not available on the k20's.

Another thing safety related....Inner tubes..... there are typically two types of inner tubes for the split rim . The valve stem/neck for the tube MUST be of the 90 degree bent style and not the streight kind. mine all have the streight kind and they are bent over and the side of the stem/neck is cracking. Of course these are like 30 plus years old. but it is critical to get the ones with the bent stem neck. Needless to say but streaight stem/neck tubes run about 16 to 22 bucks a pop but the bent stem/neck ones run easily 25 to 35 a piece. Order the right ones up front and dont compromise. flaps too since your at it.

Yes, I'm gonna hack up some hubcaps to clear the hubs
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Re: 68 k20 2 piece firstone rims

I'm also showing the markings on the ring and the rim. my rings are all date coded 1-68 while so far two of my rims are date coded 2-9-68 and 2-3-68.

I have not looked closely yet at the other two rims for date coded info.

A spare tire on 20's was an option so there are only the 4 rims for my truck.

interestingly enough my "spare" is of the 69 and later type and it is a split rim also a firestone rim and is date coded 4-72.

Learn to do your own split rim servicing. its not hard or dangerous. unless your a complete idiot. I took one rim to a shop and they chased me off . I took it to another shop and they were idiots who used digging bars to remove the ring. ruined it. a Third shop, up in Tucson wanted an additional 45 bucks a rim to do the two piece rims.

tires, tubes, flaps, mounting and balancing. adds up very quickly.

La Vie.

I am looking for two 67-68 rims with a 1-68 or 2-68 date code if anybody out there has them. I will trade for a 72 split rim date coded 4-72
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