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Engine priming issue

Hello,fellow members,

seeking some insight on possible reasons I am having an "issue" while priming oiling system on my 350. Motor has been completely gone through by a professional local builder. It was then properly stored indoors for 2 years.
I am just now getting ready to break in cam on it.
I purchased a priming tool & spent about 4-5 minutes spinning the oil pump gear. I have good flow of oil coming from all pushrods on drivers side & but nothing from the passenger side. Also, I did crank the motor over briefly a couple of times during the process but again no flow of oil from pass side.
I have good oil pressure during priming (55 psi).
Could this just a case of not having the right priming tool ? I bought it on Ebay
(sleeved billet shaft). It supposed allow for oil to travel to heads.
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Re: Engine priming issue

That tool looks like it should let oil go across to the other side. Maybe the sleeve area isn't quite sealing?

Toss it back in there and spin it for another 5-10 minutes. Sometimes it just takes forever to get the air out of those oil galleries and the lifters. You won't do any harm.
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Re: Engine priming issue

If you spin the pump enough, you are going to flush all the break-in lube off the cam/lifter wearing surfaces. If it has a roller cam, that's a moot point, though. If you really want oil on all cam surfaces, you need to do the oil pump spinning on half-crankshaft turn intervals, since the lifters are at varying levels in their bores. Once I build an engine, I run the priming tool until I see oil anywhere in the valve train, then fire it up. You are over-doing it, I think.
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Re: Engine priming issue

Thanks guys. It sounds like my concern is much ado about nothing.
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