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How much travel in front suspension when checking with a floor jack?

I'm swapping to Porter Built's upper and lower arms ( coil spring ) and have them installed but not sure how much compression to expect when testing the travel with a floor jack under the lower ball joint. I am getting 3/4" and 1" of travel now from full droop to lifting the truck and no longer compressing. Seems a little off.

UPDATE: I spent more time checking and I'm content with it as is unless it rides horrible, still curious what C10's are getting for travel with a jack under the lower ball joint from full droop though. Feel free to read more about why I am asking the question but you dont really have too.

I have a '69 C10 that has stock style suspension with no drop other than the fancy arms because I was tired of looking for good stock replacements and thought I might mildly bag it one day. The front is a little light right now. The transmission and front sheet metal is missing but the 350 is in place.

I've confirmed the "pucks" that can be installed two different ways in the LCA are correct (closer to the wheel). And the control arms were all set to 1/4 turn past zero lash, possibly 1/8 turn to tight but I doubt that matters. The dang stock length coil springs if clocked a little off will not allow me to cycle the suspension with jacks on the frame and me pushing under the lower ball joint, I've tired of messing with them and about to just buy bags tonight and pitch the springs.

I'm thinking grinding the bottom coil spring so its tapered over 4" ( leaving 1/4" or so at the end for thickness ) and it might help me. The springs don't have that same factory lower pocket to sit in, just a flat plate.

I've spoke with Nate before and he's awesome to deal with but he's probably taking tomorrow off and hoping to get an answer sooner than that. Sorry this might be a little long but hopefully that answers any basic questions you might have for me. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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