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Panel Truck in Chambersburg Pa
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Re: Panel Truck in Chambersburg Pa

that looks nice
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Re: Panel Truck in Chambersburg Pa

I've seen that same truck posted about 3-4 times over the last few years.IIRC it's always at the same price.I see a couple of issues that would worry me.The seat and dash pad are custom but they didn't even take time to repaint the steering column?Also has a "plug?" in the valve cover(it's been there like that a while).I just have to wonder,if they skimped on these fairly simple items,what else did they skimp on?It's also a later front clip and grille.
It does look like a nice truck but at that price,I would want to look it over in person and pretty carefully before plunking down the $$$$.
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Re: Panel Truck in Chambersburg Pa

It looks decent, but not $9k. Wonder if the front clip was replaced or if they just messed up on the year?

The "plug" in the valve cover looks like a pcv valve to me, I see a hose coming off it and it looks like it goes to the carb.

Also noticed the rear springs are pretty well shot.

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Re: Panel Truck in Chambersburg Pa

I think Back East here that thing is well worth every penny. Remember,it's a CA import! You won't find one that nice here and if you are comfortable with buying one from 3,000 miles away don't forget to add $1,500-2,000 for shipping. With nothing but minor flaws (?) pointed out so far I'd say that thing is a bargain. As they say,couldn't build one for that. I wish I had the moolah.
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Re: Panel Truck in Chambersburg Pa

x2, special-K!!! About the only time we see a Panel up for sale in this State - its redone like this one (not mine)

(or got trees growing up through it)

The way I see it (especially with ZERO budget), the real challenge is to bring something back from the dead and make it go again.
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chris mc bride
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Re: Panel Truck in Chambersburg Pa

Well considering the cost of body work to get one thats rough and some guys asking 3500 for its not really that bad of price.Now thats assuming body is in as good condition as it appeared.
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