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paint code/SPID convention help

Paint Code 463 (on a 72 chev C20) - before you read any further, what is that code for?


Ok, now the rest of my question... On the SPID, the code is "463 White & Ochre" - written just like that.

Is 463 a two tone code - and if so, is it white top only or white top with white middle panel between the upper/lower belts?

Reason I'm asking is this - I always thought "White & Ochre" would have been the nomenclature for a white top/solid ochre body (as in the first pic), whereas "White/Ochre/White/Ochre" would have been listed for a white top and mid panel two tone truck (as in the 2nd pic)... I realize there's no guarantee that chevy always followed the same paint color combo naming convention, but seems they were fairly consistent about the white/ochre/white/ochre convention when it was a white mid-section truck... ??

Lookin at a truck with similar paint to 2nd pic, but the SPID says "463 White & Ochre" - so I'm curious if perhaps the mid-body white was added after the truck left the factory by someone along the way through the years, etc.... I have seen some white overspray indications that might hint at this idea but the owner mentioned it's only touched up and paint appears as it originally left factory (as far as he knows, he's not the original owner, but he is the 2nd - and the truck is pretty original).

Interested in your thoughts on this - thanks all!
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