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'46 2-ton axle/differential compatibility

I have a '46 bus that is on a two-ton chassis. This chassis has been governed to a top speed of 35 mph by using 6.17 ring and pinion in the rear end. It appears that the 1.5 ton and 2 ton have the same rear end. I have also discovered that both of these chassis were available with 5.43 ring and pinion gearing. However, I believe that the only 5.43 ring and pinion are owned by a Sasquatch who rides a unicorn. I have been told that the rear end is an Eaton H110 and I think they were used in the later "AD" series trucks. Here's my question: Did the later AD series 1.5 and 2 ton trucks use the same rear end? I know that some of the light duty trucks changed to a torque tube drive line. My 2 ton is an "open" drive line. Again, I believe that the newer series, medium duty trucks used similar set-ups. Can anyone provide information or confirmation or a source?
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