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1969 Project
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Advise on what should be replaced before fresh paint

I have an appointment next month to get the truck painted. I ordered new glass, weatherstrip, seals and new vent windows. My mirrors and door handles are in pretty good shape so I decided to keep those for now. Anything else that I should possibly look into getting? Would it be best if I installed everything before or after the paint job?
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Re: Advise on what should be replaced before fresh paint

I would think that it would be better to put them on after its painted, only drawback I can think of would be the potential to scratch the new paint if the parts are difficult to go back on, otherwise taping off all the things mentioned takes more time, that and the person taping needs to be good at it, and it will have small paint ridge under the part if you ever have to swap it out later, sanding and blocking the paint is a lot easier if nothing is in the way, you might want to think about the condition of the door key locks as sometimes they look like hell also against a new paint job,
Not sure if your talking about all new weather strip and seals for all the windows or just the doors, but it can depend on who is installing the things like the front and rear windows, there's nothing like a lazy glass installer reaching across the hood and resting his elbow and putting even the slightest dent, you wont notice until its to late, but you do get a cleaner look if its painted first, its super hard to get a perfect tape job around already installed rubber seals, that's my 2 1/2 cents worth..
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Re: Advise on what should be replaced before fresh paint

You'll get a nicer cleaner paint job with the panels de trimmed.
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