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Steering issue

I'm sure this issue has been brought up before. My steering has been pretty good till up to this weekend. I use to drive it every day till about 4 months ago when the tranny blew. I did a manual swap and been only driving it on weekends. Now when I drive and steer it scares the crap out of me cause it doesn't seem to want to steer until it feels like grabbing. I sway back and forth in my lane till I can control it. When I'm at a stop ill look out my window at the tires and they move on command so this is why I'm asking this question. What the hell, what is going on?
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Re: Steering issue

Check your spring eye bushing, Check your leaf spring centering pins, check the rear spring eye bolts. If any of these are deteriorated, broken, or missing, it could cause your steering problems. Just had a guy on here that had similar problems and found that his front spring eye bushing was completely gone on the driver side.
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Re: Steering issue

That was me, here's the thread:

Multiple culprits that clezskie mentioned are in that thread.

The bushings cured most of it, it's no longer scary and unpredictable.

I'll be replacing the steering components and installing a dropped pitman arm to see if it can be improved further.
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