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Picking up 350 sbc

What's up everyone? Getting to the point of my build where I'm choosing the motor for my 51 build on a custom s10 frame that will be on air ride. The plan at first was to go ls but they are just everywhere right now so I've decided to go a different rought. A friend of mine sold me a 350 sbc seems to be in good shape my question is what should I shoot for if I'm wanting a dependable cruiser with some good thump behind it that I can take anywhere wanted to do a 383 but also thought about a 355 thanks for any input
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Re: Picking up 350 sbc

Run the 350 for a season and see how you like it. I say that with reservations. One is if you know the rig it came out of and how it ran and did all around in it.

That doesn't mean you can't put a thumper cam and performance intake in/on the 350 before you run it though. I've got enough left overs from old builds or engines that had issues that I could easily take a stock 350 and turn it in to a nifty sounding great looking small block for not a lot more money than a serious night out on the town. That money was spent years ago but a cam kit, intake, gasket set and set of nice valve covers won't break the budget if you shop around a bit.

That said a 355 is just a 350 with oversize pistons in it. That might be the next step if the engine is a bit tired. 383 is a bored out 350 block with a cut down or custom 400 crank in it. Several vendors including National auto parts or you can even find complete kits on Amazon Takes some work on the block but that's an option.
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Re: Picking up 350 sbc

Just remember, an engine that has a rough idle isn't much fun in traffic and generally needs a good stall converter to get it into the power curve faster. Most people tend to over cam an engine just to hear it, then complain about its street manners. I have been guilty of this myself, but it sure sounded good at a stop light.

That block appears to be an older non-roller cam block, based on the perimeter bolt valve covers. If you know it's in good running condition, I agree with the statement to just run it for a year and plan your engine build after you know what you expect out of it.
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Re: Picking up 350 sbc

Rule 1: There is no replacement for displacement.
Rule 2: If considering downsizing, see rule 1.
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Re: Picking up 350 sbc

Have you done a cost comparison on a Complete Rebuild of your SBC and buying, installing a 5.3 ?
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Re: Picking up 350 sbc

Rule 1: There is no replacement for displacement.
Rule 2: If considering downsizing, see rule 1.

Sorry, it's just one of those days.
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Re: Picking up 350 sbc

Either engine would be a good one! 350 or LS. Parts are everywhere for these engine's! Here's a good web site to look at for part's, Best site out there to get part's...

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Re: Picking up 350 sbc

If you go with the 350 make sure you run the correct oil. Common off the shelf oil is no longer compatible with flat tappet camshafts. It will wear out quickly. Brad Penn and Joe Gibbs makes High zinc racing oil. Oil companies took the zinc out due to EPA regulations.
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Re: Picking up 350 sbc

Hot rod magazine did a series on how to build a 350 several years ago. They take a 190 horse 350 and get it up to 400 horse. not necessarily cheap, but doable.
It might still be on their website.
Also,they did the same with a junkyard 350 to prove that there are really good engines just waiting for someone to pick the bones of the wrecks
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