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No Limit Trailing Arm Rear Suspension

We have had so many ask about this, and it was a tough call in some ways to go ahead with this project. I would like to explain that. At No Limit, we are focused on performance suspension. We have never claimed to build the lowest, the 'showy-est' or the lowest price. We focus on the best ride and handling. There are other great builders of the lowest ride, and you should steer clear of the low price crap.

We have the FatBar 4-bar rear for C10's, and it's great. Ask anyone running one. Smitty proved it's ability beyond any doubt. We have the custom 3-link, like the one Wes D. runs and it's a short course killer. Now both of these are great, but they do require welding and fitting, and the three link must use a Ford 9". Then we have a shock mount kit, panhard kit and sway bar for OE C10 rear suspensions as bolt-on upgrades. These work very well to enhance the original truck, but there are some shortcomings.

We also took the time to study what others are offering, as there isn't really any reason to duplicate something that's already available. The big problems are as follows; 1)Limited travel forcing a stiff ride, mostly due to short shocks and poor location. 2)Rigid, fixed front bushings that limit the axle articulation - OE arms twist, tubular arms don't. 3) High roll center that limits the side bite available, forcing the truck to be 'loose'. 4) Limited clearance for exhaust. With this in mind, the goal was to produce a bolt-in kit with none of the shortcomings of the current marketplace.
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