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Re: Disk Swap on an Eaton HO52

Thank you so much for posting this, I'm in the midst of sorting out the rear brakes on my newly acquired K20 3/4 ton suburban and am coming to the conclusion that I'll be doing this prior to finding a decent set of rear drums for the HO52 that's in the rear.
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Re: Disk Swap on an Eaton HO52

A rotor from a 2003 and newer van/2000 and newer truck will slide over the hub of early HO52s with the front mount drums. Not for sure on the rear mount drum hubs.

I've been working on a disc kit with components from an 03 van. The only real obstacle I've encountered is finding a machine shop that will cut some flanges for me. I'm almost to the point of buying some plate steel and a bunch of hole saws and doing it myself.

All the components are also availible from GM and are priced reasonably. BTW-the truck brakes are priced better than the van.

Here's what it looks like.
Attached Images
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Re: Disk Swap on an Eaton HO52

Awesome, so GM has a retrofit kit ? I'd like to know more. My 67 k20 needs rear brakes. I notice Eckler's sells drums and all the other stuff, but is it better maybe to go with a GM kit and switch over to discs on the rear ? Or should I just keep them drums on the rear ? I do use the truck to tow if that matters
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Re: Disk Swap on an Eaton HO52

Great post!! Thanks!!
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Re: Disk Swap on an Eaton HO52

Originally Posted by budbeater View Post
Step Fourteen: Attaching the Hoses, Bending new Brake lines

Coming soon...
Budbeater, how did you connect/run your brake lines?
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