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electctrical connection question

Let me preface this by saying "I know very little about wiring".

I am going to replace the starter on my 68 I6. I believe that it is a 250, I haven't checked as I haven't had to do anything to it.

I noticed that the negative cable goes from the battery to the head, but then the ground strap goes from the head to the frame.

Shouldn't the ground strap go directly from the negative side of the battery to the frame? That way anything connected to the frame is grounded correct?


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Re: electctrical connection question

The ground cable goes directly to the head to provide the best ground for the starter which pulls the most amps first , all other systems are secondary . The old chrome don't get you home theory , who cares if the radio doesn't work as long as it starts and you keep moving .that is why when you jump start a car you connect the positive cables to the battery and the negatives to a solid ground on the engine .
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