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Hagerty Insurance

Just an FYI ....

I know many of the truck guys don't like Hagerty Insurance because they don't allow the vehicles they insure to be used for 'hauling'. But I just learned they have loosened their restrictions in other ways.

They just allowed my Suburban after being told I planned to used it for camping trips, drive ins, and will drive it on dirt roads/trails. According to my agent that wouldn't have been allowed in the past. She looked into it and found they just changed things in the past month or so.

They still don't allow daily use, towing, hauling, or 'off road'. When I asked for clarification, hauling meant things like picking up a load of lumber at home depot or dump runs. Off road seemed to mean rock crawling, as they allowed dirt roads and double track.
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Re: Hagerty Insurance

A cheaper way around Hagerty is getting stated value insurance plan. If you plan to do stuff with your truck, and true value is not registered by normal means.

I got it one time when I had a pretty bad-ass engine/trans, and pretty well restored frame. The body was what we now call patina, and a nice interior.

When it got totaled I had no problem with getting the money owed out of it. The other insurance company cried foul, but I said find one with the mods my truck has. Then call me back. They cut the check because my truck was well done up, and a 6 hole stock C10 is not comparable to a 450hp slammed C10 with a laundry list of mods.
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Re: Hagerty Insurance

Hagerty change two or three years ago, they told me as long as I have a primary truck I could haul and tow with my classic trucks too.
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Re: Hagerty Insurance

Hauling restrictions was for using it to get 2x4s gravel and such. If your going to a swap meet/ car show with parts and luggage no problem. The dirt road restruction is the first I've ever heard of it. Lots of people who collect cars have to travel dirt roads to get home or out. I even sold hagerty insurance for about 10 years as they are partnered with Allstate in NY.
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Re: Hagerty Insurance

Is this documented somewhere?
I have Hagerty on my burb, but regular on my 72 k10 PU.

At one time I got a better deal from Farmers on a stated value, but after a couple years with them they required a professional appraisal to show value.

I dropped Farmers and went back to Hagerty.
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Franks 72
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Re: Hagerty Insurance

Just went thru insurance nightmare in Canada. For the past 4 years I was able to purchase a policy with "agreed value" which was established with the assistance of a licenced appraiser . This year the broker advised no more policys were being accepted with agreed value. Agent also advised that this was an industry change and I would not be able to obtain a policy with this agreement. So they proposed " fair market value ".
So whats fair market value?
I sent broker two current US frame off rotisserie 71 Suburbans for sale with prices over $30,000 us. Broker disagreed stating this truck was over 40 years old!!
Definitely not on the same page! Shopped around , found a broker who would accept an agreed value. Previous broker lost our house ,boat,cottage,vehical policys. Bottom line be careful with policy s for daily drivers.
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Old 10-29-2019, 12:20 PM   #7
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Re: Hagerty Insurance

FWIW, AAA is now offering collector car insurance policies and the quote I received from them is less than half of the one I got from Hagerty. However, they have some qualifiers. See below:

To qualify under a stated value classic car policy with AAA, the vehicle has to be:
• Near showmanship condition (no dings/scratches on the outside, no tears on the upholstery, no rust under the carriage)
• Be stored in a private locked garage every night (3 walls with a locked door – a semi-private gated apartment garage or carport are not acceptable)
• Driven less than 5,000 miles per year
• Be valued at least $15,000
Note: Any household residents of driving age also need to show they have individual commuting cars

Classic car policies are started on a submittal process only.

For us to move forward, we’ll need to:
1. Schedule a photo inspection from our inspection team
2. Assuming the car looks good, I’ll send you the application to review and electronically sign by email
3. Submit all the paperwork to underwriting for review

Once underwriting approves the policy, that’s when your policy will start and you’ll be billed for it.
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Re: Hagerty Insurance

I have Hagerty and I have agreed values on both the '61 Vette and the '69 Blazer. Both are insured for more than 50K each. When the market goes up, I raise the values. I only had to furnish a few photos. I had Hagerty for a number of years, switched to American Classic for 4-5 years and when they didn't want to give me an agreed value on my Blazer when I was restoring it, switched back to Hagerty.
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Re: Hagerty Insurance

That's good to hear because I'm restoring my Truck to use it as a Truck.

1971 Chevy Suburban 4x4 Build Thread
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Re: Hagerty Insurance

I use Hagerty and I am glad I do ... in 2015 a tornado hit the barn that my truck was stored ... end result was they spent just under $24,000 to repair the damages - no question asked.
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Re: Hagerty Insurance

Originally Posted by oski6754 View Post
• Near showmanship condition (no dings/scratches on the outside, no tears on the upholstery, no rust under the carriage)
This one would knock me out.

Even my "show vehicles" have dings, scratches and tears.

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