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Re: What brand mufflers are you running?

Originally Posted by special-K View Post
Those 70s sound good. Hearing them at cruising speed would be good to hear... or WOT off the line!

We certainly need more videos for comparison. Me telling you mine goes more "RRrrrrrr" than "Waaaa" but now I'm looking for "Hmmmm" just don't get it

I run full length headers. I'd like to put new pipes on this summer. I have a couple patches on my '04 system now, and running it all last summer got me thinking I want it quiet. It's a strong motor with a peppy cam. Don't ask, I built this motor in '91. I've never had a cam'd/bumped compression motor with quiet mufflers. I want something quiet with good flow. I want "hmp hmp hmpitty hmp", not even "hump hump humpity hump" which is quieter than "bump bump bumpity bump". I was thinking Cadillac 500 or big truck mufflers. What could get me there? I'm willing to give up (some) flow. But also thinking I'll go from 2.25 to 2.5 which would help get better flow from more restrictive muffs. I don't think the Cadillac mufflers exactly choked the 500 out and larger trucks need another form of hi-performance, just not speed performance. Think of what a stock medium duty big block truck sounds like. That's what I want. I want those who know the sound of a healthy motor to notice, not little old ladies

I will say same mufflers behind a different engine combo will not sound the same.

Had a pair of old 2 chambers on a hot rod 400 sb grew tired of the bark, put a pair of 3 chambers on to tame it.

Gave the 2 chambers to a friend with a stock 454 and was almost quiet.
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