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po2135 GMC 2500HD 8.1

Hello I have a 2003 GMC 2500HD 8.1 that I am the original owner of. 168k
Back in 2003/04 I had only owned the truck a few months One morning in the the dead of winter I drove it to the store to get my morning coffee. Got back in started it up it shook. Reduced Engine Power came on. Tried to start again it fired right up. I called the dealer. he said not sure what that is if it happens again bring it in. It didn't happen for a few years. Then it would only happen in winter and never on the first start up. At one point many years ago I was told pedal assembly. It was changed still same issue. I let it go because it was only in the winter and didn't effect when driving.It started taking more tries to get it going so Last December we changed the connector at the throttle body. It was fine for a few weeks. Then for the 1st time in 16 years it did it while I was driving. We have cleaned the grounds. Put on a new GM throttle body. Found a few broken wires. Switch the TAC module. When ever you make a change it runs for 30 minutes and quits. Last week drove it 15 miles to work it was fine drove back home about 12 miles it quit running. Did that 2 days straight then next 2 days nothing. TPS 1 is at 4.8 volts with the connector plugged in TPS2 is at 4.2 volts. If you unplug the harness TPS goes up to 4.8 volts. Running out of ideals. I kept thinking wiring even though they all check out. When TPS2 is unplugged and jumps to 4.8 shows me it can carry the 4.8. Could it be the pcm.
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Re: po2135 GMC 2500HD 8.1

May sound stupid but have you checked for water in your fuel? I have had very similar symptoms and that ended up being it.
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