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Front Driveshaft Splines Seized

Hey guys, I've got a question about the front driveshaft on my 1982 K2500 6.2L diesel.

The universal joints on the front driveshaft were completely toast. There were no needles in most of the cups. I don't think the shaft had ever been greased in its life. I bought some new joints and started going about replacing them and then discovered the cv joint at the rear of the driveshaft. The entire flange is torn up and so is the ball. I can buy replacement parts for these so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

The problem I'm facing now is that the slip joint in the middle is almost completely seized up. I'm pretty sure this is the reason for my cracked np208 transfer case. I tried beating on the shaft with a hammer and got it to slide a tiny bit but not much. I also tried soaking it in diesel but with no difference.

I'm wondering if it's possible for these shafts to come completely apart. Do the two halves slip apart or does it only slide part of the way? I want to make sure it is supposed to come right apart before I put it in the 75 ton press and make it come apart.

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Re: Front Driveshaft Splines Seized

end of the slip yoke were the shaft goes in it . spin the coller/seal off and slide back . then let it soak . if you had a way to apply small heat this will help soften the dry grease .

keep working it .

if not time for new from driveshaft shop or spare parts pile.

and yes frozen = broken t-case / trans/adapter or all of them .
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