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Chasing a wobble

So I'm chasing a wobble and need some advice. Little bit ago I had that incident where a shop didn't torque one of my wheels properly and it flew off on the highway. Came down hard on the left rear drum, etc. got everything fixed from the shop, went on leave and had the burb transported to my new station.

Been driving it for about 2-3 weeks now and I have a wobble noise much like a flat tire/flat spot at any speed. Noticeable a 3mph up to may speed and down and changes frequency depending on speed.

Got all tires rebalanced and still there. Changed out the two rear tires thinking I broke a belt or had a flat spot from fish tailing on the highway still there. Had it up in the air several times checking wheel bearings all seem fine.

Front tie rods and drag link connection are worn but were like that before the accident. Only noticeable red flag is that the tires had a bit of cupping front and rear as if my shocks were going bad but at a slow speed that shouldn't be the issue.

Also, both rear wheels are solid when I check for play laterally, etc. but the axle rods move straight in and out 1/8-1/4 inch both ways. Seems like it makes a positive stop on the c-clip. When I have it in neutral both wheels move together but there is a slight howl noise even from me spinning the wheels but I haven't pinpointed from where.

Before I dump more money, next thing I was gonna try was to swap in new axle rods/wheel bearings what else should I look for.

Don't think it's the front end cause the steering wheel is tight and doesn't wobble but it makes a definite wobble/flat spot noise at any speed.

Any ideas?
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Re: Chasing a wobble

Do you have a dial indicator? With a flexible base/neck?

The radial and lateral runouts should be 1/16" (.060") or less at the tire. My guess is the tire, rim or axle is slightly bent.
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Re: Chasing a wobble

Originally Posted by Bigdav160 View Post
Do you have a dial indicator? With a flexible base/neck?

The radial and lateral runouts should be 1/16" (.060") or less at the tire. My guess is the tire, rim or axle is slightly bent.

I bought a Chevelle once that had a bent axle. It had a pronounced wobble at slow speed and vibration at highway speed. It was bad enough that other motorists thought my wheel was coming off.
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Re: Chasing a wobble

Have someone drive the truck and follow it in another vehicle. You may spot the problem right away. Unfortunately the tire shop may not have checked things too closely in order to avoid further cost on their part. Axles are the first check and if they are good you need to check that the housing is still straight. I would not assume anything is good until checked at this point.
Good luck!
Thanks to Bob and Jeanie and everyone else at Superior Performance for all their great help.
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Re: Chasing a wobble

Check your wheel bearings.
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Re: Chasing a wobble

jack up the rear axle, set some good stands under frame, and chock the fronts good..

carefully run it off the ground and see what's out of balance.. keep the revs down in case it gets squirrelly..

in the air without weight on the axle, the wobble may be exaggerated and easier to diagnose..

and be mindful to accelerate and brake gently, rotating mass without ground resistance can snap a pinion or axle..

good luck!
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