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Re: How about some pics of your 4x4

Originally Posted by Killer Bee View Post
yes sir, that's me.. in my lean mean fightin' machine days.. used to fill out LG-Reg BDU's fairly well.. not so much anymore

looks like you had a little more fun than I ever did.. I buried a duece to the frame once in soft sand.. no fun though, winched it out with the 900 srs in about 5 minutes..

Ha ha. I got bigger since I was a teenager! Especially my big head!

I was lucky for sure. I had a great C.O. in Europe. Capt "G". He never once complained about my thrashing the 1/4 ton. As long as it ran he could have cared less! He was a good dude!

My enlistment ended up being an extended 4x4 vacation. Plus the best bier in the word! Germany! At Irwin one of my assigned vehicles was a Soviet BTR-60 that maintenance retro fitted with two Chrysler small blocks, I think 304s and dual TorqueFlites. That thing had 8 final drives. In 8 low you could thob that thing through a tank ditch. The maintenance crew was really proud of that BTR-60. When ever I returned from the field they swarmed the thing with a million questions. Poor bastards, they weren't allowed out in the MTA with any of the equipment. Wish I could find my Irwin pics. I was in the FMTC (Foreign materials training center) there as 203rd MI detachment. I got to thrash all things eastern block. And I fired every light eastern block weapon know at the time, on the ranges there. Way fun, I was way lucky! Plus I grew up riding in the desert, it was my cup of tea!

I never liked the deuce winches, they were always greasy and messy. The Army runs on grease (I mean real grease, not just the chow)! Here's my usual solution! Being an 11B had some side benefits; you got to stay clean with regular mud baths!

I had a big fat radio and lots of friends on the line!

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White K20
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