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Robert Haas
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My Interview, Robert Haas

Truck Info

Manufacturer: GMC
Year: 1965
Suspension type: Modified Stock with Bell tech spindles
Front Brakes: Late model GM disc.
Rear Brakes: Stock drum re drilled to 5 lug.
Steering: Stock, power
Rear differential type / Gears: Dana 60 with 4.08 Posi
Tire and Wheel Size 17's on all 4 corners 12" wide on the rear, 7" wide on the front. Custom offset American Racing Good Year Eagles on all big and littles of course


Color Scheme: Mono Turquoise Acrylic Enamel
Bodyman: Gary Samson
Modifications: De chromed body, molded tail gate, relocated tail lights.
Paint Type: Centari by Du Pont
Painter: Gary Samson


Color: Black with turquoise piping
Material: Cloth velour and leather
Wiring: By Owner
Steering wheel/Column: Billet Aluminum tilt, telescoping with billet wheel from Boyd Coddington.
Stereo/Speakers/Amps: Pioneer head unit, JBL Amps (3) MTX?JBL speakers
Instrument Gauges: Auto Meter


Cubic Inch: 427
Manufacturer: DART
Camshaft: Lunati Roller
Cylinder heads: DART
Valve Covers: Carbon Fiber by Owner
Intake Manifold: Edelbrock
Ignition System: MSD 7AL with 8500 RPM button
Exhaust type: Headman headers 1 7/8" primaries to 2 3/4 Stainless system with x pipe Flow Master super 50's
Carburetor or Fuel Injection: Holley 850 custom built by the Carb Shop in L.A.


Turbo 400 from Art Carr, Manual Valve body with billet packs
Torque Converter: Art Carr 10"
Modifications: Billet high flow pump, Trans brake. .
Shifter type: Column
Drive Shaft: Custom with Spicer super joints rated to 1200 HP.

What is your name?
Please share a few things about yourself. (Bio, family, background, hobbies, your favorite pizza topping, your favorite vacation spot, etc)

I am Robert Haas, 55 years old, born and raised in Salinas California. Still live there. Own a small glass company. Been married for 27 years to the greatest woman God allowed to live on this planet. Hobbies consist of building stuff in my shop, riding motorcycles and keeping my GMC on the road and fun.
How long have you owned your truck?

Owned this truck for 25 years
What made you decide to buy this truck?

It was the perfect truck and I always wanted a short fleet big back window Jimmy.
How do you store your truck, at home, garage, outside etc? What do you enjoy about your truck the most?

The truck sits indoors in a heated shop. It never sees rain or fog on purpose and the lists of what I enjoy about it would take up too dang much room. It is a ferocious beast with an Idle that sounds so great just starting it up and listening to it is almost orgasmic for me. It accelerates hard, stops straight and is tighter then my brand new truck. How could this not be the greatest experience of my automotive life.
Who or what was your biggest influence in building your truck?

Hot rod Magazine I guess. Looking at it for the last 50 years has left quite an impression on me.
What has been the biggest obstacle you have faced in working on your project? How did you/do you handle it?

Finding parts has always been challenging but the most challenging thing has been to try not to spend money twice. Have a plan and stick to it.
What/who is you favorite/best part source?
Don't have one. I use everything the Internet has to offer.
What are some things have helped your project to be a success?

Like I said, having a well though out plan and sticking to it.
What is the history behind your truck?

Local Truck, the original owner custom ordered it in January of 64 took delivery in Nov. of 64. Drove it till the v6 died and parked it. I am the second owner and have had it ever since.
What do you use your truck for? (hauling, cruising, daily driver,shows, drag racing, work truck, mudding etc):

We originally did a lot of car shows. we had a lot of success back in the 90's winning best truck at the Oakland Roadster show and following that up with winning the Chevy, GMC Nationals the same year. Truck has been featured in several National Magazines and even made the cover of Hot Rod Magazine. It was voted truck of the year by Super Chevy Magazine and was featured as the center spread.
What is your favorite memory with your truck?

Winning Oakland in a truck that we drove in and was not off a trailer meant a lot to me.
Whats your favorite modification done to truck and why?

Drive train,...You'll have to go for a ride with me to appreciate what 700 HP feels like
If you had one thing to do over on your build, what would it be and why?

I am pretty happy with how it came out. Maybe should have considered air conditioning but that has only been a problem 4 or 5 times in all the years I have had it.
What are your future plans for your truck?

Gonna go ahead and move the fuel tank out of the cab. Probably going to put AC in it for the Wife.
What words of advice do you have to people who are just starting out with their project?

Be patient. Think about your build in terms of years not months. Realize this may be the greatest body style ever to be penned by man and the rest of the world is just starting to figure that out.

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northern 85
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Re: My Interview, Robert Haas

Badass engine!!!!!!
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Re: My Interview, Robert Haas

Those valve covers and master cylinder.....Great looking truck you have.

Hello from San Jose.
Used parts build:
My brother's Nova:
Rear suspension rework:
Instagram: myfabguy
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