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SWB Rubber Bed Mat

Anyone know where I can get a SWB Rubber Bed Mat for a 68? One that will fit or hopefully only requiring minimum trimming to fit. Thanks.
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Re: SWB Rubber Bed Mat

there is a problem about using rubber on metal beds and wood bed they trap water.A cancer for rust or mildew that will Eat wood turn it in to soft rotting wood A bed liner plastic with no holes in it is best

If your hauling stuff a Bed liner i use plus i go buy me a sheet of 5/8 play wood to put under the bed liner.I used my 1965 3/4 ton as a scrap truck for 15 years i had it for 20 but after 5 years destroyed the bed.So i bought another straight bed with good wood.Put the 5/8 ply wood in dropped the bed liner over it I carried over 98,000 tons of scrap metal in the bed like engine blocks rotors pat my bills.When i retired my truck i pulled the bed liner out and took that 5/8 plywood out i had a brand new wood floor bed all the oils that leaked in my bed went into the plywood.So I know by using a 5/8 sheet of plywood 8x4 My bed wood is still here

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Re: SWB Rubber Bed Mat


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Re: SWB Rubber Bed Mat

I used this in my '70 fleetside SB. Doesnt cover completely but I may try piecing a couple together to cover the whole bed floor. It is heavy enough that it does not move around going down the road. I figured for $35 i'd give it a try.
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Re: SWB Rubber Bed Mat

I wonder how the Rubber mat from Harbor Freight Tools would work. The pieces interlock and you could make it any size you want with a couple of kits.


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Re: SWB Rubber Bed Mat

I plan to use Horse Stall mats in my bed. They are usually 4'x6' (it will take two to fill my longbed). They are approx 3/4" thick and VERY HEAVY. I think they go for around $35 a piece at most Feed Supply places.
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