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First start after rebuild (250ci).

I rebuilt my 6 cylinder while I am doing a total rebuild on my truck. It sits in the frame with no factory wiring as of yet. I decided to test run it before setting the cab and clip on the frame. I am running a remote start trigger connected to the +( battery positive) and the S terminal (trigger wire).
I also have a jumper wire connected from T terminal (coil for points) and the + on the coil.

The engine fires and starts until I release the trigger then stalls, more like shuts down.

I tried to run another jumper to the T terminal and it stays running, but the starter continues to run as well.

Question: Does the harness resolve this issue with its resistors or something like that?
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Re: First start after rebuild (250ci).

You need 12v to the coil from a source other than the starter relay terminal to keep it running. Run a separate wire to the coil from the battery and it will keep running until you disconnect it.
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Re: First start after rebuild (250ci).

I don't know what the "T" terminal is. The starter solenoid has the main battery cable connection, and the "S" for start and "R" for reduced voltage terminals. "S" is obvious, and the "R" terminal connects via a yellow wire to the coil during cranking only. If you don't have another power source for the coil after you release the jump start button, that would explain it. Also, if you just rebuilt it, you need to get the cam broken in properly. All these false starts can potentially lead to early cam failure.

ETA- you need to have a resistance inline when in the run mode, or you will destroy the points, and possibly the coil. The factory harness provides that. Maybe you should wait until you have the harness installed.
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