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Mr Bear
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Whew! got the O2 sensor out

It wouldn't come out hot

It wouldn't come out warm

It wouldn't come out using a 6 sided O2 socket


It by gosh came out cold with a 6" plumbers pipe wrench and a 2 ft cheater bar!

The new AC Delco went in easy with a 7/8 wrench!
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I know the pieces fit
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Re: Whew! got the O2 sensor out

Congrats on the victory! lol I've got one of those to replace myself, hope this isn't an omen of things to come. You must be building a keeper, going through it the way you are. Do you have a recent progress pic?

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Mr Bear
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Re: Whew! got the O2 sensor out

Not yet on pics.....was trying to decide if its a keeper or a seller. So far, undecided so I'll make the payment this month on time!.....but, the new O2 sensor seems much faster in so far at its eliminated the rich smell at the exhaust, comes off fast idle much sooner and the idle is very stable.

I'm thinking of installing a 31 gal tank, though the current 25 gal tank and pump assembly is virtually new...would be super to fill up once per 5 or 6 days by getting the overall range up over the 400 miles/tank mark.

Also, I am strongly considering dumping the double wall cap in favor of a convertible top this spring. One consideration on this is getting rid of the cap, size and weight make shipping a no go and having it sitting in the garage for a year while trying to find someone that wants it is not really palatable either. More thinking on this is indicated.

I did learn that the new AC temp gauge senders are not quite right for these trucks. It mostly reads right! but where the original always read 150 and swung regularly to 210, this one usually reads 190ish and swings to 220 when the thermostat is about ready to open. I intend to check the engine temp with a gun to see if its really swinging that high indicating a faulty new thermostat or if its really a gauge anomaly.

I've learned a bunch on this TBI motor. Sensors are critical and AC/Delco seem to be the way to go. That said, Idle hunting was finally cured with a new MAP sensor, Wells brand, $19. The Standard Motor Products injectors seem quite fine and the TBI Shop spacer and 14lb spring seem to have done no harm, they certaintly seem to work right with the new injectors and mileage remains in the high 15s to mid 16s with an occasional 17+ reading.

For sure the significant life lesson has been spark plug gap. Evidently, even a brass cap, ac rotor and new ac coil with ngk v plugs ain't strong enough for a wide gap. I was able to cure the occasional idle miss by simply gapping the new plugs per the factory label on the front brace, 35 thou and the motor idles so smooth it won't even shake a marble off the air cleaner lid.

Eliminated the exhaust leak and now got to decide how to tame that true dual (no crossover) with magnaloud mufflers. Not sure if I'll put in a cross over or replace mufflers but DS side pipe is raspy poppy on acceleration which adds to the annoying drone of true duals with magnaloud mufflers.....they don't muffle at all!
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