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Sleeving a 261

I have a 261 that is .080 over and three of the cylinders need to be sleeved due to deep pitting. I am debating on whether or not to sleeve all 6 or throw in the towel on this block since it also needs a line bore. Can someone elaborate on whether or not it is a good idea tosleeve something that is already .080 over and if there are concerns with sleeving all 6?

I have heard that the metal used in the new sleeves are superior and would actually function better than stock. Plus the added benefit of going back to the original bore for more life. Two shops that can sleeve and line bore are quoting 1000 for all 6 and the line bore... kinda pricey and the rebuilding is just starting. I have been looking for other 261s but they aren't easy to find.
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Dan in Pasadena
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Re: Sleeving a 261

Personally I’d much prefer finding a useable block that didn’t need sleeves. IF you have to do it will these be dry or wet sleeves?

PS: It’s “align” bore.
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Re: Sleeving a 261

Last I looked it was around 125 a hole to have a block sleeved. That was a long time ago.

Add a couple hundred more to align bore it and you have some serious change in just the block that as you said is sleeved.
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