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2 Post Lift

I'm looking to add a two post lift to my shop. I will mostly be using it to work on my 67 c10 but will occasionally use it to lift my duramax which weighs in at 8800 lbs on the grain scale in town. My concrete is 6-8" thick with steel and fiber as ive been told some lifts require 6" minimum. What two post lifts do you like and why? Which ones don't you like and why. Thank you in advance.

Admins please move or delete this if I am in the wrong area.

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Re: 2 Post Lift

I have a atlas OH-10x lift....extra wide extra tall...I love it ...had many a crew cab diesel 4x4s on it ...never failed to lift anything ive put on it from greg smith....they have free shipping..right to your door if you have a way to unload it....this is the one I have..theyve gone up since I got mine...think I gave 2195 for mine 6 yrs ago......
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Advanced Design
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Re: 2 Post Lift

I put in a 10,000 lb Rotary lift as it is the lift many dealerships use.
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Re: 2 Post Lift

I do a lot of work on diesel trucks in my home shop and have a rotary. Have had it about 2 years with no complaints but the are pricey. We have a challenger lift at work and I would say its just as good for about half the price.
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B. W.
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Re: 2 Post Lift

X3 on Rotary, have used them for over 20 years, have lifted many diesels, many times.
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Re: 2 Post Lift

If price is no object, then I think Mohawk makes one the best lifts. Asian (non certified) lifts usually undersize the pump so you never risk lifting too much. i.e a 9000lb lift might only have a pump capable of lifting 8000lb.

I have an older Rotary spo-88 in my garage. I would never think of trying to lift my diesel truck with it. I am not sure I would lift my 4x4 Suburban with it but it does fine with the Corvettes and Z-28

We have Rotary spo9's at the shop. They do lift my diesel trucks but you can tell there is that much weight. It seems to scare some people.

I would definitely look for a 10k or higher rating.

edit: I think most 2-post lifts are fine with 4" concrete but check the specifications.
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Re: 2 Post Lift

I only have experience with the Mohawk. So far, so good.
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Re: 2 Post Lift

I have a Rotary & I have lifted a couple of diesel 4x4’s without issue.

Not a diesel, but a gratuitous shot of my working lift...
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Re: 2 Post Lift

if it aint a rotary its like buying harbor freight tools
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Re: 2 Post Lift

I run forward lifts in my shop but they are like 20 years old and i am told they dont make them like that anymore
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