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Old 03-08-2016, 05:26 PM   #301
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Re: Slot lovers unite!

Just picked 4 slots for the 69 project.
15X8.5,they have AHI cast on the inside
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Re: Slot lovers unite!

Love mine, 10" in the rear and 8" up frontName:  20160223_134812.jpg
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'68 C10 Step Side, 250 6cyl, converted long to short, work in progress
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SS Tim
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Re: Slot lovers unite!

Hopefully its just the picture, but are those lug holes chewed? Looks to me like someone used acorn lugs on mag lug wheels.

Lots of good information at the here and worth the read if you like old wheels and/or have hazy memory (don't we all?) of lug specifics.

"Lug Nut Know-How
Going back before many of us, including myself, were even born, the Mag style lug nut was common on Cragar S/S, Keystone Klassic and American Racing Torque Thrust wheels, among others. I still sell and install many of these types of wheels and lugs, especially since the muscle car market continues to grow. The Cragar and Keystone wheels are built for tri-lug fitment, which means you can use the same wheel on a 5×4.5, 5×4.75 and 5×5 (1/2-inch stud only) bolt pattern.

This can be one of the most difficult wheels to install and center on a vehicle. First of all, make sure that you have the correct length shank. Most of the wheels mentioned here use a 3/4-inch shank, which is measured from the bottom of the hex to the tip of the lug nut.

You should have about 1/8-inch of clearance between the end of the shank and the mounting surface of the wheel.

There are other Mag shank lugs with varying lengths. Each is designed to fit a specific wheel application and will also need a washer, either separate or built on. The washers are quite a bit different, as well. Take a look at these Cragar style washers.

Notice that each has a round outside diameter, but one has the hole punched in the center and the other is offset. The center-punched hole washer is for 5×4.75 bolt patterns. The offset washer is used for 5×4.5 and 5×5 bolt patterns. Notice that the washers are stamped “wheel side.” Make sure to place this side toward the wheel surface because the washer is concave, which assures that constant tension is being applied to the lug nut.

The Keystone washers have an oval outside shape and are flat. Center punched and offset versions are used for the same applications mentioned above with the Cragar.

The AR Torque Thrust uses a plain round, center-punched washer for each of the bolt patterns.

The next progression was the ET Mag.

This is a conical seat lug nut with a short – usually 1/4-inch – shank at the bottom. The original wheels required this lug, along with a special washer that was beveled around the punched hole to allow for the lug nut to seat in the center of it. This wheel application isn’t used today, but the ET Mag style lugs are common.

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Re: Slot lovers unite!

I went and picked up these wheels tonight. First off the kid measured wrong. They are 15x7 not 15x8. Oh well. They are made for regular conical lug nuts. The only identifying marks I can find is A69995 cast or stamped into the back of the wheel. Can anyone help me identify these wheels. Just a curiosity issue really.
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Re: Slot lovers unite!

If your looking at mine, yes it looks like someone put a tapered nut on.These should have the Mag set w/washer,the center nut you have pictured.
Do you know where I can get those lug nuts.
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Old 03-09-2016, 12:25 PM   #306
C/10 King
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Re: Slot lovers unite!

Wrong year, but I couldn't resist.
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Old 03-10-2016, 02:55 PM   #307
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Re: Slot lovers unite!

These are going on my 68. Sorry bout the sideways pic. Doing this on my work laptop, not my fancy pants home one lol
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Old 06-10-2018, 11:32 PM   #308
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Re: Slot lovers unite!

It's been forever since I logged into this forum. Still have The Green Barge! The biggest thing I've done is ditch the ugly chrome/rust steel wagon wheels. I took the risk to get what I thought was a complete set of Shelby wheels from evilBay, which ended up being a farce. One of the wheels was not a Shelby, different backspacing, weighed more, but the seller did refund a sizable amount. I found one wheel from a wheel dealer in Washington (AKH if I recall correctly) that matched, but different brand. It took a day to clean each wheel, but from across the parking lot they look okay. The wrong wheel is the spare. The cool thing, saved about 10 pounds per wheel. I also painted the slots black.
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Old 06-13-2018, 11:06 PM   #309
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Re: Slot lovers unite!

I read earlier in thread that there were no wide 6 lug slots.
I just put American Racing VNA697983 on my C10 - they are 17x9. I am using 265/70r17 tires.

I really wanted the non polished mag look but these are polished - all I could find.
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Old 06-14-2018, 10:44 PM   #310
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Re: Slot lovers unite!

Some updated pictures of my K10 with 15x8.5 Western slot mags, 32x11.5 R15 BFG KO2's with a stock lift

- Adam
1967 K10 292, SM65 Transmission & NP205 Transfer Case

My build thread
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Old 06-15-2018, 05:56 PM   #311
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Re: Slot lovers unite!

Slots always look good on a truck - that's for sure! The closest I have to the look are slotted car style rally wheels.
1968 Chevrolet C/10 LWB - 327, TH350
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