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Longhorn Man
its all about the +6 inches
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Thumbs up Standard and optional equipment listing....1968

This is taken directly from the Restoration catalog for 67. The restoration catalog includes the option book and information that the dealer would have had for you to look at if you were buying back in 1968.
------------------------------------------STANDARD EQUIPMENT---------------------------------------------
Air Cleaner oiled paper element
Axle, Rear
....C/10 Hypoid semi floating type, ratio 3.73; Capacity 3500 lb.
Battery 12 volt, 54 plate; Capacity 53 Amp-hr
Bodies See Cabs, Bodies & Colors
Brakes hydraulic; Self adjusting; Daul System
Sizes; front 11' x 2'; rear 11' x 2'
Effective Area; drum 276 sq in; lining 167 sq in
Brake, Parking Cable to rear wheels; area 83 sq in.
Bumper Front only, painted.
CS10; single barrel down draft.
CE10; two barrel downdraft.
CS10: diameter 10"; area 100 sq in.
CE10: diameter 11"; area 124 sq in.
CS10: 1 1/4" radiator core, cross flow type;446-sq in area; 13 lb pressure cap.
CE10; 1 1/4" radiator core, cross flow type;480-sq in area; 13 lb pressure cap.
Controls and instruments; 03, 04, 34 models-
Hand choke; light switch; headlight beam control;speedometer;odometer;fuel guage; Lights for generator, oil pressure,engine temperature, brake warning, directional signals and high beam indicator.
02 models- hand choke; light switch; headlight beam control;speedometer;odometer;fuel guage; generator, oil pressure,engine temperature guages; brake warning light (turn signals and high beam indicators included, but not listed)
Directional Signals; Class A; 2 front and 2 rear; 2 front and switch only on 02 model. Includes freeway lane-change position onswitch & integral hazzaerd warning switch
CS10; 250 Six; positive crankcase ventilation
Gross horse power..........155 @ 4200 RPM
Net horse power................120 @ 3800 RPM
Gross torque, lb-ft.............235 @ 1600 RPM
Net torque, lb-ft................210 @ 2000 RPM

CE10; 307 V8; positive Crankcase Ventilation
Gross Horsepower..........200 @ 4600 RPM
Net Horse Power...............150 @ 4400 RPM
Gross Torque, lb-ft............300 @ 2400 RPM
Net Torque lb-ft................255 @ 2400 RPM

Exhaust system; Single pipe & alluminized muffler
Filter, Fuel Wire mesh in fuel tank, bronze filter in carburetor
Filter, oil
CS10: full flow; 1 quatr; throwaway type
CE10; Full flow; 1 quart; replaceable element type
Frame 39,000-lb-test steel; section modulus 2.98
Fuel Pump Single Action
Generator 37 amp Delcotron
GVW Plate 5000 lb
Heater and Defroster delux-Air (except cowls)
Lights and Reflectors 03 models Two headlights, two class A front combination parking/directional signals, two class A rear combination tail/stop/directional signals, two front side marker reflectors, tow back up, one license, insterment panel & dome.
04 & 34 models, Same as 03 plus two rear side reflectors.
02 models, 03 models Two headlights, two class A front combination parking/directional signals, one rear combination tail/stop (shipping purposes only) two front side marker reflectors,wiring only for back up, stop,& rear direction signals, instrument panel
Mirror, Rearview:
03 04, and 34 models, Exterior RH & LH 6 1/4" fixed arm
02 models: none
Seat Full-width (except cowl models)
Seat belts; Drivers & passenger (except cowl models) includes retractors
Shock absorbers Front & rear; piston diameter 1'
Springs, front Coil capacity 1250 lb each
Springs, rear Coil; capacity 1250 lb each
Steering ball-gear, ratio 24:1:wheel diameter 16 1/2 inches
Suspention, Front ndependent, capacity 2500 lb
Tank, fuel 04, 34, 03 models,- back of seat in cab, capacity approx 21 gal
02 models-inside of frame at rear; capacity approx 20 gal
Tires Five tubeless 8.15-15/4PR front, single rear and spare
Tools 2500 lb mechanical jack; wheel wrench
CS10; 3 speed synchromesh; steering column gearshift; ratios 2.94, 1.68, 1.00, 3.14 (rev)
CE10; 3 speed fully synchronized; steering column gearshift; ratios 2.85, 1.68, 1.00, 2.9_ (rev)
Wheels Five 15" x 5 1/2"; attachment, 6 studs on 5 1/2 inch circle; spare carrier under frame; 4 painted hubcaps
Windshield wipers and washers Electric; 2 speed wipers; not included on 02 models
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