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67-72 Vin and model number break down

If you see anything i may have missed please corrcet me

I thought i would add this to help everybody understand what the model number and vin number mean

model number breakdown.The model numder is made up of 2 letter and 5 numbers and is found in the glove box door
frist letter will be one of the followingindacates chassis type)
C=conventional cab
G=light delivery
K=conventional cab four wheel drive
M=conventional cab tandem
P=Forward controls
S=school bus chassis
T=Tilt cab
Second letter is one of the following(engine type)
D=4cyl detroit diesel
E=V-8 Gasoline
G=toro-flow diesel
S=6cyl Gasoline
T=3cyl detroit diesel
First number (series Indentification)
1=100-150-9100(1/2 tons)
2=200-250-9200(3/4 tons)
3=300-350-9300(1 tons)
4=400-450-9400(3 tons)
5=500-550-9500(5 tons)
next 2 numbers(cab to axle dementions)
chev gmcs inches Chev Gmc Inches
06 56 36" 17 67 102"
07 57 42" 18 68 108"
08 58 48" 19 69 114"
09 59 54" 20 70 120"
10 60 60" 21 71 126"
11 61 66" 22 72 132"
12 62 72" 23 73 138"
13 63 78" 25 75 150"
14 64 84" 28 78 168"
15 65 90" 31 81 186"
16 66 96"
last two numbers (Body type)
02=ffc exc f.a.b 35=step van king
03=cab and chassis 36=suburban/deluxe
04=stepside pick-up 42=chassis only
05=panel 45=step van
06=suburban with panel rear doors 55=step van king aluminum
12=w/s cowl exc F.a.b 62=ffc w/f.a.b
13=Cab W/F.a.b
16=suburban with end gate
34=fleetside pick-up

1967-1969 Vin break down (chev and gmcs)
series 10-30 only
first letter is the chassis type(see codes for model break down)
second letter is the engine type(see codes for model break down)
third is a number=gvw range (see codes for series id in model code break down)
fourth is a number=model code
model codes are;2=chassis/cowl/bus,3=chassis cab,4=pick-up,5=panel,6=carryall(suburban)9=stake side
fifth is a number =model year
if the number is a;
sixth is a number or on caniadan made truck it is a number=assembly plant
Assembly plant codes
A=atlanta N=norwood
B=baltimore P=pontiac
F=flint S=st.louis
z=fremont T=tarrytown
J=janesville 1=oshawa
***on 67-69 Canadian GMC trucks the number"9" will appear inbetween the first two letters
1970-71 chevrolet truck only(series 10-30)

it is all the same for the break down but the year codes , production plant
1970-71 year codes production plant code
0=1970 same as 67-69 but they added one more
1=1971 code;U=lordstown
1970-1971 GMC only(1500-3500 series only)
first letter will be one of these
C=conventional cab
K=four wheel drive
P=forward controls
second letter
E=V-8 gasoline
S=in line 6 cyl gasoline
third is a number=GVW range(see codes for for series id in model code break down)
fourth and fifth numbers = body type
02=flat back cowl 35=value van-steel
03=cab&chassis 42=chassis only
04=fenderside pick-up 55=value van -aluminum
06=suburban with panel doors
16=suburban with tailgate
34=fleet side pick-up

sixth is a letter(unless canadian built then it will be a 1)=assembly plant
all codes are the same as 67-69 but they added U=lordstown
seventh number or letter is the year code
last numbers=serial number

1972 chev and gmc trucks
****General motors added one more letter to these trucks vin numbers****
first letter is the trucks make code
C=chevrolet and T=GMC
second is letter is the vehicle type(See 1971 codes)
third letter =engine type (see model code break down for codes)
fourth is a number= body type
2=chassis,cowl,bus 5=panel
3=cab&chassis 6=carryall(suburbans)
fifth is the number 2 for the year code(1972)
sixth is a number or a letter on canadian made trucks for the assembly plant code
A=Atlanta N=norwood
B=baltimore P=pontiac
F=flint S=st louis
Z=fremont T=tarrytown
J=janesville 1=oshawa
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