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350 TBI to a 454 TBI swap

The idea here is to swap the restrictive 350 TBI for the 2" bores of a 454 TBI. You will gain HP and Torque.

1. Disconnect the neg. battery cable. ( Always a good idea!)
2. Remove the entire air cleaner assembly.
3. Remove the 3 vac lines , in front, by pulling them straight out. Also unplug the connectors to the fuel injectors. They simply snap off.
4. Remove the throttle linkage and cruise control, if equipped.
5. Remove the 3 bolts holding the TBI to the manifold.
6. Remove the two fuel lines in the back. A little gas will come out, but there is an automatic cutoff valve that will prevent all the fuel from coming out. Have a popcan or bottle handy to catch the fuel so it doesnt spill everywhere.
Injector uninstall and install:
7. Remove the star drive screws. Note where the 2 long screws go! And pry the injector cap off.
8. Use a long screw driver as a fulcrum and use another screw driver to pry the injectors out . Note: where the O-ring and metal washers go.
9. Install the new injectors and gaskets( don't forget the little, figure 8, gasket in back!)
10. Installing the unit is the reverse. Don't over tighten the manifold bolts, just snug them down firmly. And don't forget the fuel line in back!
11. When you come to plugging the 3 hoses, you might need to lengthen the hoses by splicing in some 1/8th inch rubber tubing to make the fittings reach.
12. Reconnect the neg. battery cable. Have fun!
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