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Longhorn Man
its all about the +6 inches
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Cool Clear clearance lamps... cheap too!

I have figured out a replacement lens, (69/70 style) for the clearance lamps, in a clear lens verson. This is with NO MODS to the truck AT ALL. Simple remove and install (and install amber bulbs).

I'm talking brand spankin new, avalible anywhere in the country, and less than 5 bucks a lens.


The factory number for a 69/70 is not good, it has been superceeded with the model for 71 - 92, which has a slope from front to back, the NAPA catalog describes it as a 'fireman's hat' shape, while the 69/70 is a hockey puck shape.
(the puck ones can be seen in the background)

You can see it is VERY close in dementions to the stock ones;

Call NAPA, and ask for p/n 680-2432. They retail for about 4.50 each, this is the lens only.

As much as I like the stock ones, these look pretty kick ass IMO.
They are back up lenses for certian styles of step vans. Our snap on truck came by with one broken, so i ordered one, and when I took it out of the box.. I was like WOAH! This'll fit my truck!!!

Here are some almost night time photos. The clear one puts out as much light, but it defuses it diffarently. In lighter conditions, you see the bulb lit up (as seen in the shot where the flash was left on) but in the dark, it lights up the whole lens.
Oh yeah, you may need longer screws. I didn't use stock ones, so i can't say. But if you scroll back up to the day light shots, you can see the hole the screw goes into is a bit taller than the amber one.

(clear lens is closest to the camera, stock ones in the back ground)

Now, screw the comparison, pics of the full set of 5 installed and working.

I think they'd look badass on a black tryck myself.
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