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Need a title for a 1950 pickup,...

I have a buddy that's building a 1950 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup. He doesn't have a title.
What is involved in getting a title?
I don't know much about the 47-55 trucks. Can it be titled as a '48? (for street rod event purposes?)
Anyone have a good title for a 1950 for sale?
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Re: Need a title for a 1950 pickup,...

Look up your state DMV requirements. MO does not have any information on line about how to title vehicles without a title. Best to got down and talk to local DMV. They might have a process for getting a bonded title.
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Re: Need a title for a 1950 pickup,...

If you go to and check out the archives there using title as your search term there is a exhaustive list by state of all requirements.
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Re: Need a title for a 1950 pickup,...

Or if you want to take a different route rather than dealing with DMV:, are two of many offering that kind of service.

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Re: Need a title for a 1950 pickup,...

As some of the others suggested I'd first check with the DMV of the state that he lives in.

This state does the bonded title thing on similar deals. That means you post a bond (I have no idea of the amount) fill out the papers, have the vehicle inspected and then it takes three years here before the title is considered a clear title. I have to do this with my boat trailer that I built out of the chassis from a salvaged travel trailer. That is something that I should have done five years ago when I first built the trailer but since I haven't used it much I just buy a permit when I want to use it.

Years ago I bought what amounted to a hulk 48 Chev 3/4 ton because it had a clear title. we did use the roof and a door off it on my buddy's chopped 48 pickup and he used the title. Not making a suggestion that you do that but to me it is more honest then buying a title from a title vendor.
Otherwise I think I would get it to a stage where it ran and drove and was street legal and get it inspected and apply for the bonded title.
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Re: Need a title for a 1950 pickup,...

Currently I am doing a bonded title here in Texas for a few old projects. In the past I have gotten titles thru title companies but the rules that allow those companies to get you titles so easily are changing.

Here in TX the bonded title costs $100 for anything $4,000 or less, and another $15 for every $1,000 of value the vehicle is over $4,000. Since I dont know how to deal with the DMV effeciently I have shelled out another $100 for a bonded title service to help with the forms and setting up a bond. If after three years no one comes forward and says they have a lien on the vehicle and as long as it wasn't reported stolen before the bonded title process began you get a clear title. In the meantime you get a "bonded title" wich is a legitimate TX title that is transferable. If anything comes up during the three year period the only person that is responsible is the person that applied for the bond, not anyone that he may have sold it to.

It is kind of a pain to get a title this way but many states are now making it hard to use the title companies from other states.
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Re: Need a title for a 1950 pickup,...

I just titled my 52 as a 49 in louisiana. cost me 70 bucks.
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