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Longhorn Man
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Steering column Q

Hey guys, stopping by from the 67 - 72 board, with a Q for you.
A buddy of mine has a 66 panel and he wants to put a tilt column in it. He has one out of a '77 van. I know for a fact that the van ones will work in the 67 - 72, but how about the 60 - 66 trucks?
Does the 67 and up fit in the 66 & down?
Any one know?
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Longhornmail, You can put a van tilt in a 60-66 exactly the same way you do in a 67-72. I have put 2 or 3 in 65-66 trucks. However, you will need to get a lower steering shaft off a 67-72 to mate to the upper van column because the early 60's use a solid shaft from the steering wheel to the sector.
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