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Bench testing factory voltage regulator

Is there a method to bench test the factory voltage regulators, commonly used in the '60-'66 Chevy trucks? I have a whole bin of them, I have accumulated over the years and I would like to bench test them, to see if they are good.

I am sure this is Automotive Electrical 101, but I was sick that semester. I am extremely coachable, so if there is anyone in the Kansas City area, I would be glad to learn or if there is information available on this site or on the web, please share.

Happy New Year.
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Re: Bench testing factory voltage regulator

60--62 was a generator and used a different reg than 63--66 which was an alt. The easiest way to test would probably be to ground the base and plug into your trucks harness. Delco recomends running it with an alt. Tools needed are a resistor a variable resistor an amp meter a volt meter a thermometer jumper wires feeler guage and adjusting spoon. I'd just ground it with a jumper wire and plug it into the truck and see if it works. If not move on to the next one. Replacements are so cheap it isn't worth the time and effort to try to even adjust them. To clean the points you need silicon carbide paper, not a file sandpaper or emery. Then they need to be cleaned with trichlorethylene or alchol. If cleaning the points doesn't improve the condition, It isn't worth going any farther. It takes 15 minutes run time to bring them up to correct operating temp before you even begin to make tests or adjustments. You should be able to find something on the internet. I think the book I used to have, had about 6 pages on testing and adjusting.
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