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Differences in Nason 465-00 clear and 498-00 and 497-00 clears.

I have used the 498 and 497 clears in the past and have been pretty happy with the results. But theres always room for improvement right?? I am doing my baby this time, and I want it to look as good as it can without spending big bucks. I am looking for bang for the buck I guess you can say.

I was surfing the other day and read a little about the 465-00 high solids high image clear. I called the dupont paint department and spoke to 2 different guys. The first guy said it was the top of the line clear for nason and said the difference in appearance was worth the extra money. The second guy said it was old technology and was not as good as the 498 or 497.

The 498-00 clear is 4:1 and cost $90.00 for the clear + $40 for the activator so 1-1/4 gallon sprayable is about $130.

The 465-00 is 2:1 and cost $120 for the clear + $80 for 2 quarts of activator + the thinner it requires (don't know the cost probably $25) so $225 for about 1-3/4 gallon sprayable.

I figured I would need about 3 gallons with 498 by the time I do the firewall, inside the cab, inside the bed and the exterior(Mom's blazer took 2 gallons). So I may get by with only 2 gallons of the 465 depending how it covers.

So $390 for the 498 or $450 for the 465 if it covers better.

Does anyone have any first hand experience with both of these clears that can help me make a decesion?

Sorry for the long post.

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Re: Differences in Nason 465-00 clear and 498-00 and 497-00 clears.

Don't know if it'll help but, I'll throw my toonies worth in.
I use the 497-00 exclusively and am quite happy with the results and cost. Once, when the weather was hot, I used 483-79 activator and mentioned to my rep how much better it flowed out over 483-78 activator. That's when he suggested the 465-00 clear and how well it flowed and the better image results. Been meaning to try it but, haven't as of yet (sticking with what I'm familiar with, I guess).
Anyhow, IMO, the second guy that you talked to doesn't know what he's talking about since as far as I know, the 465-00 came out after the 496-00, 497-00, and 498-00. BTW, I haven't used the 498-00, I presume that it is meant for panel painting and not so much for overall use, since it is quicker drying
The only thing that i would suggest is to use the 465-00 on the insides and see if you like it. I don't think the difference would show if you were to use 498-00 or 497-00 on the outside later.
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