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what chevy trucks came with 12 Bolt Rear End With limited slip

Trying to find out what truck will more than likely have a limited slip i know there 73-81 is the years for the 12 bolt just mainly looking to replace my 10 bolt in my 86 chevy short bed with a 12 bolt with limited slip not really concerned about the gears but going to the u pull junk yard saturday and want to know which trucks to look at mainly thanks for any help...

or even a newer model chevy rear end any 1 have any ideas

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Re: what chevy trucks came with 12 Bolt Rear End With limited slip

Actually, the 12 bolt rear goes back to 63, but you may have to weld the spring mounts on 72 and earlier. Limited slip (posi) was an option in all of these years, but none of these trucks had it as standard. It had to be ordered and paid extra for.

The easiest way to tell would be to look at the glove box plate. Look for option G80. If the plate is missing, you will need to get one wheel off the ground. With the transmission in neutral or the driveshaft disconnected, try to turn the wheel. If it will turn easily by hand, that rear doesn't have posi.

Unfortunately, not being able to turn the wheel doesn't guarantee that the rear does have posi. For example, you could have the brake shoes frozen to the drum or serious rust inside the rear. However, these are the ones you should consider taking off the cover so you can look inside.


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