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Removing Cab Trim (and side moldings)

I was comming up with idea's on how to replace my truck trim or to get rid of it and I came up with that I'm going to keep the cab trim (under back window) and get rid of the side moldings...I'd like to take off the cab trim and polish it up and repaint it but that leads me to the do I get it off without damaging it? is there a like push up and pull back trick or something? and on the side moldings is it the same way? On the side trim I see screws I have to remove but I'm sure there are clips in there somewhere I have to worry about.....

Thanks In Advance
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Re: Removing Cab Trim (and side moldings)

The corner peices unbolt from inside the cab. You have to reach up above the rear speakers and you should feel a 10mm bolt if I remember right.

With those off, the back trim slides out to the side.
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Re: Removing Cab Trim (and side moldings)

x2 wat he said just have to remove the rear speaker to get to the bolts

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Re: Removing Cab Trim (and side moldings)

Yup, unbolt the corner pieces and then remove the middle cab piece. Early years use a 3/8" nut. Later years are 10mm. As an alternative to sliding it off, you can also lift up on it and gently pull out the top to unhook it from the clips.

As for the side trim, the front fender pieces are held on by stud-clips that go through holes in the fenders and are secured with nuts on the inside. I think you might have to take the fenders off in order to gain access to some of the nuts. And if you don't intend to re-install the moldings, there'll be quite a few holes to weld shut.

The door moldings are held on mostly with adhesive backed clips. They can be removed by carefully sliding a putty knife or similar tool in between the trim & door. Don't use the putty knife to pry the molding off ... instead, use it to cut through the adhesive patches on the clips. In addition to the adhesive clips, the door molding also has a screw at the front and a stud-clip at the rear. The acorn style nuts holding the stud-clips are easily accessible at the back edge of the door.

The cab side moldings are held on with stud-clips just like the front fender trim. The nuts are accessible by reaching down inside the cab corners but a couple of them are rather hard to reach.

The bedside moldings are held on mostly with adhesive backed clips like the door moldings. A few locations have snap-in clips that have to be pried out of the holes. And there are a coule of stud-clips at the front/back of the wheel opening with nuts accessible from inside the wheel well area.

The tailgate moldings are also mostly adhesive clips. The outer ends have stud-clips (top) and snap-in clips (bottom).
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Re: Removing Cab Trim (and side moldings)

you can reach all the nuts with the fenders still on the truck, you just have to use some swivels in a couple spots
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Re: Removing Cab Trim (and side moldings)

For the life of me I can't reach the back nuts on the front fender...I can reach the front 3 .. 1969 cst. Are you sure tou have to remove the fenders?
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