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FYI How to remove rotors from 1999 K2500 4WD 8 Lug

First of all I would like to thank all of the guys who tried to help me figure this out in my last post. (How do I remove rotors from 1999 K2500.

I finally got back on this project and figured out how to remove the front rotors so I could get them turned and replace the pads. This is my first 3/4 Ton 4WD Truck so its all new to me.

First remove the large center axle nut and caliper. Then you have to remove the four bolts that hold the hub assembly to the spindle and the ABS wire. Remove the complete hub and rotor assembly from the truck. Then you have to knock out all 8 lug nut studs. Once the studs are knocked out the rotor will free itself from the hub and is removed from the back of the hub, or the hub is pulled through the rotor.

For all the guys who thought you have to beat on it because it is rusted on. I dont think I could of ever beat on it hard enough to break through the

Thanks again and hope this will help out anyone else who needs to know how its done.
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Re: FYI How to remove rotors from 1999 K2500 4WD 8 Lug

It isn't allways an easy task!
FWIW, the last rotor turn I performed on my '93 K2500 I took the truck to a shop that had an on-the-car brake lathe. 65 bucks later, both front rotors turned and trued and I didn't have half a day in dissasembly, taking the rotors to a shop and back, then reassembly.
I think GM has the brake porportion from front to rear mal-aligned on the GMT 400 platform K2500 and 3500 trucks, they are hard on front brakes.
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Re: FYI How to remove rotors from 1999 K2500 4WD 8 Lug

had to replace a bad wheel berring yesterday, everything came apart ok. Was told that those 4 bolts can be a real bugger if they wond come out.
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