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Old 06-02-2011, 12:18 PM   #1
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79 Chevy Long Bed

I bought a 79 C-10 Long bed 2 years back off of Craigslist for $200.00. I need to turn it into a daily driver and could use and advice you guys may have on where to start. Truck is ugly and covered with rust and bondo(Will post pictures as soon as possible.) It has a 305 with a dual-jet carb and an automatic transmission. I don't care how it looks just as long as I can get a dependable ride out of it.
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Re: 79 Chevy Long Bed

It needs to go and stop 1st. then I'd make sure pdq that the front end and steering are solid. Lights and any other inspection stuff. Got to be safe. Don't think this is it, you never really quit working on them...
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Re: 79 Chevy Long Bed

x2 safety first. What have you done (if anything) since you got it?
Fluids, tune-up, check tires, wheel bearings etc. The list can be extensive, but taken one item at a time, not to bad.
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Old 06-02-2011, 11:19 PM   #4
Bow Tie Scottie
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Re: 79 Chevy Long Bed

Can't wait to see those PICs! However, I've had my square now for 3 1/2 years as a daily driver that still needs some attention like paint, interior work, etc. It's my first and only truck that I honestly feel in love with soon after I began to drive it to work that day that I bought it. Sure it had some issues that you will adjust to, and after a while you might have a plan for ot.

I started researching my C20 on-line and landed on this site which has been quite helpful indeed. One of the first things I did was find out what it had by using the VIN since it was mostly stock, and did the obvious - checking all the fluids, changing the oil, filters, check the tire pressure, use WD-40 where needed, etc. Yes, safety and driveability were my concerns also. Oh, and having it cleaned, especially under the hood where I found a critter's nest there! Check out some of the project threads here to see what others have done and soon you will enjoy your new "baby".

BTW, welcome to the site!
Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the ride!

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Old 06-03-2011, 01:01 PM   #5
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Re: 79 Chevy Long Bed

So far I've replaced the valve cover gaskets, replaced all four tires with used ones last year, Replaced and rewired both tail lights and head lights, new spark plugs, new belt. I "attempted" to rebuild the Dual jet carburetor that was on it cause it was all gunked up and covered in Dirt Dauber Nests. I bought a rebuild kit, tore it down cleaned it up and now it floods the engine with fuel. I bought another one at a junk yard, but the fuel line wont reach it, also had a friend give me a Quadrajet and Manifold. I was going to put the quadra-jet on but then thought better of it with gas almost $4.00 around here. Oh I Also changed the transmission fluid and filter. I had it inspected before rebuilding the carb and it passed all safety issues. So what do you guys think do I buy a stainless steel fuel line to connect the Dual-jet or do I Swap out the manifolds for the Quadrajet? I would love to get some experienced opinions on this.
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Old 06-03-2011, 01:23 PM   #6
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Re: 79 Chevy Long Bed

Ok, first the dual-jet. I'm assuming it ran before your rebuild attempt? if you rebuilt it and it floods then either the needle is sticking, there is dirt under it, or the float is too high. Take the top back off and set the float a bit lower. You did put a new filter in it while you rebuilt it, right? Set the mixture screws back near the original settings? Does the vacuum break open the choke just a little when the engine starts?

Don't bother with another dual jet and line, if the line isn't right then the linkage may not be right either.

On the q-jet - you actually will get BETTER gas mileage with a Q-jet IF you keep your foot out of it. Be sure it and the manifold are a matched pair, i.e. that the choke is correct and all present. Do you know what it is off? I ask because you'll need to be sure it has the correct linkage connections for your throttle cable and trans, which an early one won't. Changing the intake will require gaskets and removing the distributor. Personally I'd try to sort out the carb you have first. Then you can search around here for info on the manifold swap.
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Phillip Pennartz
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Re: 79 Chevy Long Bed

make sure you don't have an extra gasket under the inlet seat. Sometimes the old one stays stuck and looks like part of the carburetor. Look for anything loose in carb ,it don't take much for needle to not seat and resulting flooding.
Being a dual jet it will have a power valve ,make sure that it moves up and down freely. If it don't ,very gently pry it up, it has ,I think a plastic ring that is pressed lightly into the carb body that holds it down. Use something like brillo pad ,grab the one from the kitchen sink while wifey is not watching and polish it up . It won't need much.

The dual jet is good carb ,not real big. I had one for 187,000 miles and no problem.
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